Strawberry Shortcake

It started with beautiful strawberries. Huge, bright, lovely strawberries that inspired me to whip up a strawberry shortcake. For a split second, I thought of making an angel food cake with this but if I’m honest, as natural as angel food cake is to pair with fruit, I don’t really love it all that much.… Continue reading Strawberry Shortcake

‘Cream Cheese’ Filled Strawberries

Generally, a bowl of strawberries doesn’t need any dressing up around here. All of the kids will devour a bowl without any sugar on them, without them being dipped in chocolate (though that never hurts, especially if it’s dark chocolate). Sometimes, though, I feel like a little something and these little somethings are just the… Continue reading ‘Cream Cheese’ Filled Strawberries

Raw Brownie Bites

These brownies are raw, vegan and pretty good for you! Since they’re packed with nuts (heh) they’re about 170 calories each, not including whatever fruit you top them with (though at their size, it’s not like you can top it with much). More importantly though, are these notable vitamin counts (these percentages are for each… Continue reading Raw Brownie Bites

Homemade Ice Pops

Today I’m participating in Social Sunday at The Bewitchin’ Kitchen, Sharing Time Sunday at Raising Memories, and Social Sunday at Quick Tattletails. As I write this there is about a foot of snow in my backyard and maybe 3 feet or so in the drifts on the side of the house. Ice Pops are not… Continue reading Homemade Ice Pops