Handmade in 2011 – All of my handmade creations made in 2011

Cookies of 2011 – Following on the heels of Pies of 2009 and Cakes of 2010, my third year-long self-inflicted weekly challenge!

Deceptively Delicious 2011 – I’m attacking this cookbook in 2011, I’m interested to see just what I can sneak into the food around here and what happens!

Baking with Kids 2011 -This year the kids wanted to get in on the themed baking themselves, so they’re cooking and baking through Linda Collister’s Baking with Kids cookbook!

Kitchen Misc 2011 – The collection of everything I baked and cooked in 2011 that doesn’t fit the other galleries.

Cakes of 2010 – In keeping with the concept of baking a different treat every weekend that fits a theme, in 2010 I baked 45 different cakes!

Pies of 2009 – Challenging myself to bake a different pie every weekend for the year turned into 57 pies in 52 weeks without a single duplicate!

Coming Eventually: My official archives

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  1. Peter Grievik  •  May 22, 2009 @3:48 pm

    Hi. When it all come to opinions, everyone has its own; specially regarding \”Domestic\”. Have you seen a good chocolate pops?

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