Merry Christmas!!!

I am pausing mid-Christmas vacation to announce fantastic news! My delightful husband got me a shiny (and more importantly fast) new laptop for Christmas so I can edit photos and blog and actually get stuff done without having to use his laptop or desktop. Hooray! There has been so much Christmas crafting and baking going… Continue reading Merry Christmas!!!

Ch Ch Ch Changes!!

I wasn’t going to give a heads up post because I didn’t think it was necessary but you are all so sweet with your comments and emails and questions, so here is a really quick note. 🙂 The blog is undergoing some changes right now! I’m very excited to finish up and show it all… Continue reading Ch Ch Ch Changes!!

Let the Birthdays Begin!

One of the reasons I’m blogging again, as I think I’ve mentioned, is that I want to make something for every occasion and I think blogging about it adds some more pressure to do it. Right now, I’m 8 months pregnant with wee one #3, and basically on lock down. All I’m supposed to be… Continue reading Let the Birthdays Begin!