Menu Monday with Cornbread Stuffed Jalapeños

Menu Monday is back by popular demand – who knew you guys cared about Menu Monday?! Thanks for the emails, ladies! 😉 I write out the menu and usually stick it somewhere visible in the kitchen. Wee One #1, who has all of a sudden transformed into a hungry almost teenager, will see something he’s… Continue reading Menu Monday with Cornbread Stuffed Jalapeños

‘Cream Cheese’ Filled Strawberries

Generally, a bowl of strawberries doesn’t need any dressing up around here. All of the kids will devour a bowl without any sugar on them, without them being dipped in chocolate (though that never hurts, especially if it’s dark chocolate). Sometimes, though, I feel like a little something and these little somethings are just the… Continue reading ‘Cream Cheese’ Filled Strawberries