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Dragonfruit Ice Cream

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This is one of those ‘not really a recipe recipes’. I have a serious love for dragonfruit and when we first moved to California and I saw it at the farmer’s market I was determined to make something summery and fun with local dragonfruit. Just look at it, it’s so beautiful!

This is a very lame way to make ice cream. Seriously, just go buy an ice cream maker (I am holding out for this Cuisinart one). If you don’t have an ice cream maker though, this will do. Essentially you’re just freezing ice cream in ice cube trays. 😉

Dragonfruit Ice Cream

There are two types of dragon fruit, some are pink like this and taste a little sweet and some are white and taste blander. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be the white or pink kind when I first bought this at the market so I was pretty stoked that it was the sweeter of the two. I will try this again with the white kind if I come across any.

Dragonfruit Ice Cream

All I did was scoop out the yummy insides and mash them up with about 1/2 (maybe closer to 3/4) of a cup of coconut milk. The more coconut milk you add, the softer it will be when you eat it. Though it will be far from soft, a better description would be ‘the more coconut milk you add, the less rock hard it will be’. Then I added a little sugar, feel free to keep it healthy by adding stevia or natural maple syrup or agave or whatever.

Dragonfruit Ice Cream  Dragonfruit Ice Cream

Pour your finished mixture into ice cube trays, and wait a few hours. Another way to do it would be to put your mixture into a stainless steel bowl and mix it every 30 minutes or so until you reach the consistency you’re after. I put them in an ice cube tray and them popped them out and into a cup when I was ready to try it. I let it sit for just a few minutes and it was ice creamy enough for me!

Dragonfruit Ice Cream

This is not a replacement for triple fudge ice cream by any stretch – but if you have a craving for ice cream that’s beyond the usual frozen banana in the food processor trick, while still keeping it healthy, this is a good option.

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Week In Review – Sunday June 24 – Saturday June 30

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What a fun week!! It started out sadly though – my most treasured pie plate (and of course the only one I brought with me) smashed to the floor with a beautiful chicken pot pie in it. I am not a crier and I swear I almost shed a tear over this. It was about 40 years old, snagged from a friend who brought it to my house in Toronto about 5 years ago with a peanut butter cup cake in it. The nostalgic part of this story is that the cake she brought was her entry into our annual bake off for my sister’s birthday and she lost but about a year later we found out the entry that beat her was a store bought cheat!. I lifted my spirits with these cinnamon buns though. Then I made my very first Battenberg Cake for Daring Bakers, it was hard but totally worth it!


-We have a Stone Cold Creamery across the street and it’s become a weekly treat for the kids to get a small bowl and I am uber proud of myself that I haven’t caved in over a month!
-Strawberry cake makes me extremely happy and yes I snack on strawberries while I bake it!
-Nothing is more fun than a random tutu!
-We went to the pool every weekday this week and man were the kids happy about that (I’ve never been so tan in my whole life)
-Butter Tarts for Canada Day
-Canada Day dinner of Peameal Bacon on a Kaiser with Poutine and a Moosehead

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Ice Cream Bites and Vegan Chocolate Syrup


This is one of those recipes that’s hardly even a recipe. If you use chocolate chips instead of making your own chocolate sauce, it’s even less of a recipe! Like most kids, mine will eat ice cream anytime – when it’s snowing, in the middle of a heat wave, when it’s raining, whenever. So this after school treat in March in Canada should not be surprising.

The reason I went with making my own syrup instead of using chocolate was only because I wanted to try out some vegan chocolate recipes – and this one was amazing.

ice cream pops

Vegan Chocolate Sauce via Happy Herbivore
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp agave nectar
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp cornstarch
Ice Cream Bites via This Chick Cooks
ice cream
vanilla wafers
chocolate for melted (or chocolate syrup)
ice cream pops
ice cream pops
To make the syrup all you do is mix the cornstarch with 2 tbsp of water and set it aside. Then whisk the cocoa and the water together, stir in the agave and the cornstarch mixture. Bring it to a boil and keep stirring till it’s thick enough to set up but thin enough to coat the ice cream sandwiches (OR you can just melt about a cup of chocolate chips and add a teeny bit of oil). Then assemble your little sandwiches! I cut each vanilla wafter in 3 pieces and used about a tablespoon or so of ice cream.
ice cream pops
Now coat the little sandwiches with the chocolate syrup and pop in the fridge for a few hours till it’s set up. So so so good and such a fun surprise for the kids after school.
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