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Schmancy Toys is part of the Fancy-Schmancy-Pants ‘trilogy of awesome’, and is home to some amazingly neat gear. My personal faves are Moofia, a series of mini dairy product figures, and the Chumps mini series, which are tough little dudes so destined for a life of crime they come with a ball and chain! So rad!

1. Jars, felt cookies, pouches! Did you start out with one and add to the shop or did you launch with all these treasures?

I actually didn’t sell anything I made in my store for the first year or so. I just recently started adding more. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time these days again for crafting. It’s sad but what can you do? I look forward to January 🙂

2. What are your favourite materials to work with? Why?

I have been on a sewing kick for some time now. I still love my applique scissors! I am not sure if that is the right term. I just discovered the magic of fusible stabilizer so I can’t wait to use that more and I love easy tear stabilizer for embroidery. It’s changed a lot for me!

(l-r): Bytedust Cloud, Tinpo Fashion Victims

3. Which items in your shop now are your current faves?

Right now Dunny Series 5, Cannibal funfair, my fortune cookies and The Simpsons toys. Plush You starts (in the fall) so that will change things a lot.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration for your creations from?

All over! Grocery stores, books, Japanese craft books, friends, flickr, movies, you name it.

(l-r): Craola Walrus, Wiener Buns

5. Where do you craft? Is your business crafting space separate from your personal crafting space?

In a small closet in my studio apartment. It’s claustrophobic but works for the most part. I cut everything in my kitchen. I don’t have time to craft at my store unfortunately. It always sounds like I might but it never works out.

6. Tell me about the Plush You! show. What inspired you to create it?

I was mainly selling vinyl toys but I am a crafter and wanted to support fellow crafters. To keep with the theme of toys, I thought of Plush You! I honestly had NO idea it would turn into this! It’s a big honor!

Evil Skaters

7. What is involved in setting up a show like this?

Oh man…it’s so much work. Finding sponsors, organizing all the applications, choosing is super hard! There are so many more talented people than I can host. My store is small. I try my best to have variety, quality, etc. It’s hard. Getting all info correct, organizing, organizing, organizing.

(l-r): Ninjatown Micro, Mad Barbarians

8. What are some of the most stand out creations sent to you for consideration to the show?

That is almost an impossible thing to answer. The amount of quality, unique creations is seriously mind blowing. I am obviously a fan of plush and I just can’t get over the stuff people make. See pictures of Plush You soon 🙂

9. How did you choose which plushies to use for the Plush You! book?

I more or less used every thing from Plush You the second year. I have seen so much more since. Maybe one day I can do another book on the show.

(l-r):Sperm, Cannibal Funfair

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