Getting Settled & Catching Up

Greetings long lost souls. It’s been two weeks since my last post which, while better than the seven weeks between that and the post before it, is not cool and should be my last disappearance for a while. Things are falling into place around here – all the boxes are unpacked, all the clutter has… Continue reading Getting Settled & Catching Up

New House Dance!

We did it. 12 years, 9 addresses and 3 kids later we finally bought a house. It is everything we hoped for and sometimes even more – generally when we discover something we didn’t see before. We are still technically living in the woods, but now we are in an ity bity town in the… Continue reading New House Dance!

Marriage Monday & A Chocolate Tart

In this blog post I am participating in Marriage Mondays, and on Wednesday I’ll add this link to Living Well Wednesdays Today’s an exciting day because it’s the first day of the Good Morning Girls Bible study of the book of James and it’s also the day the first book for the Bloom / (In)Courage… Continue reading Marriage Monday & A Chocolate Tart

A Smell You Later Supper

In this post, I’m participating in Tempt My Tummy Tuesday, and Tuesdays at the Table I made this supper for my friend Jade and her boyfriend (now fiancee) in July, before we even found this house, but I’m calling it a Smell You Later Supper, because although I didn’t know I was leaving, we all… Continue reading A Smell You Later Supper