Flashback Friday #5

After yesterday’s post and school starting up for us on Monday I thought I’d share a school tradition we did when I was a kid that I kept up with my kids. I will keep doing the same thing, even though we’re schooling at home now. 🙂 Every year on the first day, we’d have… Continue reading Flashback Friday #5

Flashback Friday #5

My sister challenged me last week to only post photos taken on Fridays for Flashback Friday. I was down until I realized that most of my favorite photies were taken on Saturday nights in my kitchen with my girlfriends. It’s been a little while since I was blond and just when I was starting to… Continue reading Flashback Friday #5

Flashback Friday #3

I came across the first picture here this morning and had one of those ‘how do they get so big, so fast?!’ moments, and a couple other pictures of these two came to mind. It makes me all misty to see their little relationship growing over time! The first photo was taken the week Wee… Continue reading Flashback Friday #3

Flashback Friday #2

Last week I posted my first Flashback Friday and it was sweet and fun so I’m doing it again! This photo is from August of 2001 of Wee One #1 and I at one of the family camps on my husband’s side. I hadn’t discovered those swimming diapers at this point and his little water-logged… Continue reading Flashback Friday #2

Flashback Friday

I’ve never posted a ‘Flashback Friday’, but I’ve been loving them on a few blogs I adore so here goes! This was taken at a Christmas party in Sudbury, Ontario in December of 2000. We had been married for 7 months. This night feels both like it just happened and like it was a zillion… Continue reading Flashback Friday