Man Pleasing Chicken

What a name! I feel really inclined to say ‘people pleasing chicken’ but then I feel terribly cheesy. When I pinned it, that’s what it was called and it went on my kitchen recipe card like that! For the record, the only ‘man’ that ate it was my 12 year old who declared it ‘boy… Continue reading Man Pleasing Chicken

Chicken Parmesan

Super, super easy weeknight dinner (or super lazy weekend dinner 😉 ) that tastes like you worked a lot harder than you did. My favorite kind! We have had a pretty laid back but still busy holiday season. It was different spending the holidays with just the 5 of us (and some wonderful local friends)… Continue reading Chicken Parmesan

Chicken-Bacon Wraps

Today I am linking up with Kate Says Stuff, Obviously Marvelous and Saved by Love Creations. This is one of those lunches that you MUST serve with a salad or else you’re staring down the barrel of a seriously sad meal, nutrition-wise. Taste wise? I hear it’s amazing! I’m going to defend myself a little… Continue reading Chicken-Bacon Wraps

Menu Monday and Buttermilk Fried Chicken

This week, I’m linking up with Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday and The How To Mommy’s Meal Planning Monday. My kitchen is so confused. Silken tofu and dairy free cream cheese in the morning, buttermilk fried chicken at night. What can I say? I cook what makes me happy and then I do my best… Continue reading Menu Monday and Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Chicken Hot Pockets

Today, I’m linking up with Kate Says Stuff, The How To Mommy and Obviously Marvelous There are those recipes for 11 layer cakes that wow a room full of friends or a seriously huge batch of stuffing with all the random stuff in it that makes your entire extended family reach for seconds on Thanksgiving,… Continue reading Chicken Hot Pockets

Corden Bleu

Don’t forget about our giveaway with Keeley Behling Studios! Like the Keeley Behling Studios Facebook page and leave a comment there about something in her Etsy shop to enter. It wouldn’t hurt if you liked the So Very Domestic Facebook page too. 😉 Today, I’m linking up with Six Sisters’ Stuff, Mom’s Bookshelf and Beauty… Continue reading Corden Bleu

Mango Marinated Peach BBQ Chicken with Hassleback Potatoes

I am still crazy distracted by this adventure we’re plotting. We are planning to be away for six months and I don’t want to drone on about it too much before we go because I have no doubt that it’ll be all I’ll be able to blog about the whole time we’re away. During the… Continue reading Mango Marinated Peach BBQ Chicken with Hassleback Potatoes