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Window Shopping Wednesday, Part 6

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Living out in the middle of nowhere has made me more grateful for my friends than ever before. Some of them I’d see literally every weekend, some even more often than that (hi Gill!) and some friends about once a month. Now that I’ve moved a couple of hours away and some of those friends have moved even further (hi Talea, hi Brigitte!), we are all about texting and emailing and talking on the phone – and letters!! That’s right, good old fashioned letter writing! Talea mailed one a few days ago and texted me that I’d be getting it ‘when the pony express made it’s way through town’. So, naturally, I’m now on the hunt for stationary and fun letter writing gear!

I found this neat organizer that looks perfect for stamps, a pen, post cards and an address book or note book. I have found that while a letter writing box or area at home is great, you really need all your gear on you and quickly accessible when you want to send post cards on road trips.

My husband is always off to the next town after we pick up post cards, so if I want the post mark to match the town on the card, I have to get that sucker in a mailbox and fast!! This little number just jumped to the top of my wish list!

This sweet Etsy shop is probably for scrapbooking, but I can only see the endless possibilities for other paper crafts! Cards and stationary galore! Super cute papers!

I am also in love with the clip art.

Now that I have a bean field out my back window, this clip art is so fitting it hurts!

These wee notebooks are too cute to not post, though I’m not totally sure what I’d put in them. Maybe a nice, long, catch-up style letter? Or maybe they could be shared, long distance journals (!), now there’s something I haven’t done since junior high!


it occurs to me that I have no actually posted any stationary! Maybe next week I’ll have some to post. For now, I’m loving these finds and maybe I’ll spend part of this week making some stationary for my friends!! I will keep you posted!

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