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Exploring Fred Hesse Park

California, Homeschooling, Kids

This week we went to a fun preschool storytime at Fred Hesse and then later we played in the playground. The storytime event was called Little Critter Afternoon Tale, it was put on by the Palos Verdes library, so sweet! It might be my new favorite picnic spot! These activities are held once a month so next month I think I will bring our picnic basket with us! There were stories (duh) and songs, a puppet and some crafts that actually held the kid’s attention. The most hilarious thing about it to me was the theme was winter – any time someone in Southern California says ‘winter’ a Canadian rolls their eyes – and since there is no sign of actual winter down here, the kids made paper snowflakes. Hilarious. This time last year, our oldest was rolling a snowball bigger than himself around the backyard to make an epic snowman – and now he’s wearing a tshirt at the park.

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