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Window Shopping Wednesday, Part 3

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It’s Window Shopping Wednesday again! I love writing these posts because essentially, it’s just a really detailed version of my wish list! Because I link directly to the items I’m talking about, you’ll often find them sold out when you click on them. All of these shops are full of fun, so you’ll find other amazing gear, also sometimes shops will re-list what’s already sold so poke around.

Today’s collection of found gear is all stuff I’d *love* to have for Easter, though it’s pretty obvious even to me that I can’t possibly use it all. 😛

I came across Cupcake Social a few months ago when looking for snazzy cupcake liners. I found these really sweet mini tulip ones and thought of Easter right away. Doesn’t even matter how you decorate the cupcake with liners like these! Of course the cupcake toppers, both of the plastic and royal icing varieties are must haves and these ones are all so cute. I love the vintage feel of the plastic ones, and the other ones really help pull together a finished cupcake treat! And seriously, how pretty is the blue sanding sugar against the pink frosting in that last pic from this shop? Very, would be the correct answer.

Mini Pastel Cupcake Liners Animal Cupcake Toppers

The Easter selection over at Hey Yo Yo is a wonderfully retro, blindingly neon assortment of all the weird Easter stuff my Grandmother had when I was little. I vividly remember that bunny head cake topper (or one amazingly close to it) and the sugar buttons. She had tiny little sugar treasures like that in all sort of shapes and sizes. These ones are the brightest I’ve ever seen and for sure I’ll be ordering some for my kids this year. My Grandmother is going to love seeing them. The toppers are sweet and ideal for the kids Easter party at home (so I can keep them and use them again!), and those carnival ducks may end up on the windowsill in my kitchen permanently. They are darling. I just said darling. Apparently, I’m even more stuck in the 50s than I thought. 😉

I also need to note now that because this is an Easter Window Shopping post, I’m not going to go on and on about all the other amazing gear in this shop. Hello vending machine capsules, kissing dolls, and paper straws!

I have been a little ok totally obsessed with Bake it Pretty since I found it sometime last year. The four items here are a great example of why I love them so (not to mention all their wonderful packaging supplies)! These cookie cutters are perfect for sugar cookies for wee one #2’s kindergarten class! Either decorated with seriously detailed icing or just sanding sugar. I’m thinking white and pink for the bunny (gotta have the pink ears of course) and bright yellow for the chick. Gah! So cute!

The kits are such a great idea. The ‘Happy Easter Treats Kit’ has wee gift tags and themed twine. The ‘Easter Fun Kit’ has two different kinds of cupcake liners (24 total) and two different toppers (24 total). This is fantastic if life hits you with too many things at once but you still want to make something sweet!

Muffin Top Bake Shop, the name is enough to fall in love with it, right? These little hopping bunnies are almost retro, and if you use them at home they’re totally reusable! I love how small they are and their wee ears. The edible glitter is always a good idea and this shop has nine colours – including black!

We’ll see in the next month or so how much of this I end up ordering and using. I am excited to try out some of this gear with some recipes I’ve wanted to try for a while as well.