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I drink tea when I knit and coffee when I do everything else.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day!
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Day 2 - Top Sirloin w/ Homemade Rub
Day 3 -
Rib Eye w/ Herbed Butter
Day 4 - Rosemary Chicken
Day 5 - Top Sirloin Gyros
Day 6 - Kansas City Style Pork Chops
Day 7 - Steak and Mushroom Kebabs
Day 8 - Dad's Hamurgers, 2.0
Day 9 - Top Sirloin w/ Mushrooms
Day 10 - Kid's Lunch
Day 11 - Chicken Souvlaki
Day 12 - S'mores Cones
Day 13 - Short Ribs

Kitchen & Sewing Skills!
Intro - Syllabus
Lesson 1 - Running & Whipstitch
Lesson 2 - Cookies

Day 10 of 100 Days of Barbecue – Kid’s Lunch

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So day 10 is the first day I’m not sharing a recipe. This afternoon our besties came over for a little barbecue and while nothing on the grill was made by me, we came to the conclusion that since we grilled it all, it still counts. :P

We went for a swim The kids went for a swim while the mamas broke up sibling squabbles endlessly adjusted goggles soaked up some sun before the kids came in for Minecraft and excessive pre-lunch snacking. According to Time Hop (which never lies because I’m always on Instagram so it’s a pretty accurate reflection of my timeline), the bestie and I have had a lot of ‘randoversaries’. That’s what my husband calls it when you accidentally do the same thing on the same day a year later. A couple of weeks ago, we discovered (again thanks to Time Hop) that we had hung out on that day 4 years in a row, which is really crazy because I didn’t even live here during one of those years. Anyhoo, we had a randoversary today and recreated Jarvis and Daphne chillin on a pool lounger.



I wont product link everything but I will say that we tried the premade beef burgers from Whole Foods, and Dr. Praegers California Veggie Burgers and they were both a hit. I also finally tired Trader Joes’ potato salad and fell madly in love. The kids had hot dogs and pita chips and hummus and roasted tomatillo salsa. Also! My Instacart shopper picked up brioche hot dog buns because they were out of what I ordered and they were amazing. PS if you use Instacart, use this link to get $10 for free!

Chris did pretty much all of the grilling. He actually cleaned the grill and got the coals going for me and I put the burgers on, but he took over before I could even flip them. :)



We have been back in our old place in California for about two months now and it’s still surreal to have the same friends over to the same place, 18 months later. I do miss some things about Salt Lake, but for so many reasons this just feels like home. <3

Back to actual recipes tomorrow.

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Grilled Cheese Rolls & Some Thankful Thursday Love

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Today, I’m linking up with Kate Says Stuff, Obviously Marvelous, and Saved By Love. Check out some of the other blogs linking up, they’re full of great ideas!

Why my children prefer these rolled up grilled cheeses over classic grilled cheese sandwiches, I’m not sure. I mean of course growing up with me as your mother you’re going to go for whimsy instead of standard fare and that’s cool with me but man…they loooooove them.

For someone who loves to experiment with food and flavors and styles of cooking, I have a somewhat resistant family. Only somewhat in that most of the time Wee One #1 will try just about anything and if it’s a sugary baked good that doesn’t involve coconut he’s usually happy with it, the other two wee ones are usually down with variations on their favorites but not so into totally new things. My husband is supportive of my kitchen experiments but not always down to actually sit down to eat them. So I try to keep that in mind when I absolutely must switch something up and try a new take on something they’d eat everyday (possibly all day) if it was offered. These grilled cheese rolls were an instant hit and I’ve been making them several times a week now!

Today on Thankful Thursday over at Kate Says Stuff, we’ve all (yes you too) been invited to talk about how awesome we are. These grilled cheese rolls have me feeling pretty awesome because making something decently healthy (if you get sneaky with your choice of ingredients of course) for my kids and having them asking for more is pretty rad. I’m also feeling pretty amazing because I made a tray of four different kinds of cupcakes yesterday for a friend who hadn’t celebrated his birthday in years (wha?!?!) and he went on and on and on about how great they all were and that I should get into catering and my domestic ego was polished to a shine. Lately homeschooling has been a lot of fun and that makes me feel really awesome because at first I wasn’t sure it was a good fit for us – we just needed to find our groove!

I’m going to tag a few awesome people as well. For the record I’d tag my sister and my girlfriends because they’re all pretty amazing girls – very talented and while some of them are kind of badass they’re actually really sweet – but they aren’t blogging at the moment. Their awesomeness shines the brightest when I remember how present they have always been for me even where there is a whole lot of distance (and now time difference) between us.

My dear friend Romi has written and (as of today) has published two books. They are amazing. You can buy her new one right now, here -> Last-Minute Love (Year of the Chick series). She’s always been up for skipping dinner for wine and cake even when going back to her place was a bit of an epic journey. She’s extremely driven and talented and smart and funny and oh Romi, you’re amazing.

My girl Sammie over at The La May Bakery is probably the sweetest person I know. I mean, damn. Not only is she super sweet and cute and always, always looking on the bright side (even right now when her husband is deployed and she’s 16 weeks pregnant with Wee One #2), she’s a good friend and is always there to listen and help figure things out. She’s also a great long distance kitchen buddy and more than once we have cooked the same thing for dinner – coincidentally! So so so awesome.

If I’m talking about awesomeness, I absolutely MUST include Mutant Supermodel. For two years now I’ve been watching her amazing journey in single parenting and amazing, wonderful advice on budgeting. She is a very strong woman but also someone who can chill out and just be a real person. Ah. Maze. Ing.

And last but never least, I’m going to add Erik of Diary Dad to this collection of awesome because he’s such a dedicated and devoted dad! The world would be a better place if more dudes jumped into parenting with both feet! He engages his kids in everyday activities and ‘dadventure days’. Cuuuute (and awesome).

Now, back the ‘recipe’ today, it’s barely a recipe, all you need is bread, butter and cheese slices. If you’re sneaky, like me, you’ll use whole grain bread, vegan ‘butter’ and veggie ‘cheese slices’. Shhhh.

Grilled Cheese Rolls

Grilled Cheese Rolls
Grilled Cheese Rolls
Cut the crusts off the bread and win instant points with wee ones everywhere! Then flatten the life out of them with your rolling pin.
Grilled Cheese Rolls
Grilled Cheese Rolls
One slice of cheese per slice of bread (more gets messy, trust me), and roll those babies up! I brushed a wee bit of ‘butter’ on each side so they’d look browned and pretty.
Grilled Cheese Rolls
Just cook them as you would normally, except make twice as many!
Grilled Cheese Rolls