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Usually when our schedules are overflowing, it’s full of crazy fun stuff that I planned. So when I’m crazy busy, it’s generally because I want to be. This week however, not so much.

I mean, I WANT our house in Canada to close but I don’t love that I have to run out to a notary today to do the paperwork. I am super hyped for a Halloween party at Twinkle Twinkle this afternoon (hands down my favorite place to take the kids), but making sure I balance out the day with school between (and after) the notarizing and the party isn’t exactly laid back.

Tuesday is the second week we are meeting with Wee One #2’s teacher (we are still homeschooling but now we are doing it through a local school) and I’m happy to check in with her and get some feedback and show off what we did last week, but I’m not looking forward to also taking all the kids with me to the YMCA to sign up for memberships – even though I am looking forward to using those memberships!

Wednesday is Halloween of course, so after we do a day of school we’re having a Halloween party! I have a handful of games planned for the kids and some silly activities to get them in the mood for trick or treating. We’ll have a busy BUT crazy super fun day.

Thursday is the second week we are meeting with Wee One #1’s teacher (homeschooling through the same local school as Wee One #2), we’ll likely use this day as a catch up for whatever we didn’t manage to accomplish with school and around the apartment.

By Friday, life should be a little calmer.

Since none of this has anything to do with dinner, I made a menu for this week as I normally would.

This Week’s Menu (Mon Oct 29 – Sun Nov 4)

Monday – Mini Shepard’s Pies with Corn, Gravy and Garlic Cheddar Biscuits and Trix Treats for dessert

Tuesday – Sweet & Sour Chicken with Cheese & Bacon Potato Rounds and Cauliflower Tots and Oreo Brownies for dessert

Wednesday – ‘Forgotten’ Pork Chops with Hush Puppies and Corn on the Cob and Polka Dot Halloween Cake for dessert

Thursday – ‘Man Pleasing Chicken’ with Chipotle Rice and Candied Carrots and Chocolate Swirl Biscuits for dessert

Friday – Wendy’s Style Chili with Bacon Cornbread and Garden Salad (or small Ceasers, we’ll see) and Nutmeg Donuts for dessert

Saturday – Honey Garlic Pork Chops, Smashed Potatoes & Cheesy Broccoli Gratin and Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins for dessert.

Sunday – Bacon Wrapped Herb-Stuffed Chicken with Chicken Stuffing and Creamed Corn and Strawberry Cake for dessert

I’m going to photograph every recipe I make this week and then maybe blog about them all next week!

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