Week in Review…Sunday June 10 – Saturday June 16

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I hope everyone is off to have an amazing and memorable Father’s Day! If you are lucky enough to be able to hang out with your Dad today – go hang out with him! My husband and I will have to settle for Skype convos with our Dads tonight, but that’s after we spend the day celebrating here with the wee ones!

For now though, here’s a quick look at our week!

Sunday = my personal cheerleader
Monday = rad new shirt
Tuesday = so ugly it’s cute cookie jar
Wednesday = knitting on the patio
Thursday Morning = these animal crackers are not for sharing
Thursday Afternoon = time to plant some patio garden seedlings
Thursday Afternoon = patio seedlings started off in repurposed toilet paper tubes
Friday = the possibilities in soap making combos are pretty much endless – so exciting
Saturday = making personalized recipe cards

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