Homemade Tutu

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This is one of those projects that’s only hard in your head, once you actually get started on it you’ll find it’s no biggie and comes together really, really quickly. As long as you can sew, even a little, you’re good to go!

I made this for Wee One #2, but the same instructions apply for an adult, just bigger! She love, love, loves to dress up and run around and cause a lovely disaster in her cutest dresses. Making an inexpensive but adorable tutu for less than $10 makes a lot more sense than dropping $40 on one – especially if your wee one runs into the backyard and rolls around in the grass and/or dirt while playing princess and pirates!

Homemade Tutu

Tutu via Prudent Baby
4 yards of tulle
matching thread
safety pin (I ended up using a hair clip!)
2ft elastic (to fit around your wee one’s waist)
sewing machine duh
scissors double duh

Homemade Tutu
Homemade Tutu
First, fold your fabric in half, widthwise so you have a wiiiiiide strip of tulle that is as long as you want the skirt to be. Now sew a small loop in the very top of all the layers to make a waistband. Then attach your elastic to a safety pin and feed the elastic through to the end. DO NO use a hair clip like I did. It was a bit of a nightmare.
Homemade Tutu
Make sure you sew the end in place once you have fed the elastic into the waistband.
Homemade Tutu
Homemade Tutu
Keep feeding the elastic through to the end, it’ll be a little harder to work with the further through all the fabric you get. The wider your piece of tulle, the puffier the skirt will be. Puffier is always better when it comers to tutus. When you reach the other end, sew the elastic in place and then sew up the two ends to officially make it a skirt!
Homemade Tutu
Next time, I’d use about twice as much tulle to make it even puffier!


  1. Wendy Hayden  •  Mar 12, 2012 @8:44 pm

    I love this! I have three boys, ages 5, 9 and 11, so no tutus for me. Maybe someday I’ll have granddaughters and make them tutus!

    Thanks!! They’re fun to make, even for a friend’s kid!

  2. Michelle  •  Mar 12, 2012 @8:52 pm


    What a fabulous tutorial. Very quick and easy! Thanks for sharing.

    Unfortunately though, as Make It Monday is a paper craft only linky party this is not a valid entry and will be deleted.

    I hope you understand.

    Kind regards

    Michelle :o)

    Whoops! Will have to link up my next paper craft!

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