Peas and Thank You’s Crack Wrap


Yet another winner from Sarah Matheny’s Peas and Thank You cookbook! And no, I am NOT giving you the recipe for this amazingness, but I will break it down for you a bit. First of all, it’s called a Crack Wrap because after you have one, no – after you have a bite of one, it’s all you’ll ever want to eat. I’ve got it bad, man. The main difference of course is that as addicting as it is, it’s actually good for you, as opposed to crack, which I’m sure you’re aware is not at all good for you. Ahem.

So this recipe could be made using store bought ingredients, but I swear on a stack of Seventeen magazines that the from scratch deliciousness cannot possibly be replicated with bar codes. I repeat, not possible.

There are two recipes from the book that are actually part of this recipe, Crazy Good Hummus (totally lives up to it’s name) and La Hacienda de Peas Tortillas.

Peas and Thank You Crack Wrap

Peas and Thank You Crack Wrap
Peas and Thank You Crack Wrap
Peas and Thank You Crack Wrap
Peas and Thank You Crack Wrap
I started on the tortillas first. I have tried way. too. many tortilla recipes and they have all more or less sucked. However now that I have this one? I will likely not ever buy tortillas again. True story. They’re pretty quick really, and you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already.
Peas and Thank You Crack Wrap
Peas and Thank You Crack Wrap
Then I made the hummus, and again, I will likely always make hummus this way (though Mama Pea really is a bit of a slave driver with this one), because the difference really is crazy good. Then I did some other stuff that would be giving away the recipe if I posted all the pictures I took and just a few minutes later, I was chowing down on the yummiest treat in this book – SO FAR. I’m only like 11 recipes in and I already have what I think is the crown jewel. I only sound dramatic till you taste it, then you’ll be all ‘ooooooh, I get it now‘! In the book, recommended partners for this wrap are two Peas and Thank You soups. Good idea! When I get to those soups later this year, I will make this again. Because duh, I’m making it all the time anyway!
Peas and Thank You Crack Wrap


  1. Mutant Supermodel  •  Feb 16, 2012 @12:43 pm

    I am intrigued. By the tortillas. I already have a winning hummus recipe.

  2. Talea  •  Feb 17, 2012 @12:59 pm

    So you already know that I will eat hummus at any point in time. I would probably lick it off the ground if I was desperate. So I already loved this.
    My fave part? Was where you swore on a stack of Seventeen magazines. *swoons*

    I love that you loved it! Swearing on a stack of Seventeen magazines can only mean that it must be true!

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