Work in Progress Wednesday #7

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I’m participating in Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

I have been very good this week and stuck with the baby legwarmers without touching the Flying Arrows socks at all. I have been spending a lot of my evenings doing research for something that’s sort of a really big deal but that I shouldn’t talk about until I have more details on it. Vague enough for you?!? That’s what has kept me from knitting, that and the very same something has me going on less errands lately so I’m not knitting in the car as much either!

This pattern (Socks for Mary Janes) really is alarmingly cute and would work so well on a little girl in Mary Janes. The little girl I’m making the legwarmer version of these for will look equally adorable running around her house in her little skirts and sneakers.

They are sooooo close to being done, just 4 repeats of 4 rows left and then I will ship them the 800 miles to her house.

This started out as a Work in Progress Wednesday but between that last sentence and this one, I finished them and had Wee One #3 model them for me.

baby legwarmers

These socks were knit in Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK in Paintbox Pink, on 3mm DPNs. What a cute name! The band just says #160, with a name that cute they really should make it obvious.

I really, really liked using this yarn. I bought two balls assuming I’d be using most of it on these little cuties, but I still have a few yards left on the first ball! When this little photoshoot was over, Miss Wee One #3 freaked out and didn’t want the socks I had knit her anymore she wanted to keep these legwarmers. When I asked why, she said, in her painfully cute not quite 3 year old voice ‘beeeeecuz they so peddy’. My heart melted, but I cast on for my friend Rachel’s kid, and so Rachel’s kid shall rock these. I’ll make another pair for my own kid this weekend.

baby legwarmers
baby legwarmers
baby legwarmers
baby legwarmers
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