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I’ve been gone far too long, I know. I was doing a little web design, and I was doing a little home child care and you know, that whole ‘life getting in the way’ thing. Things have calmed down a bunch though. I’m not doing home child care anymore and have a much smaller list of web design work to do. The good news is I’ve been cooking and baking as usual – maybe even more than usual lately, so there are heaps and heaps of recipes to add to the site and talk about. With Christmas coming at light speed I’ve been doing a lot of crafting but I’m a little nervous to post much of that until after everyone has already opened their gifts because I know a lot of my friends and family read my blog (thanks guys). You can expect a parade of deliciousness and hopefully some crafty inspiration around here in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I’m also thinking about breaking ‘Domestic’ into ‘Kitchen’ and ‘Cleaning’, because while they’re both domestic maybe someone looking for a homemade cleaning solution recipe doesn’t care about chocolate covered Oreos (but really, who doesn’t care about chocolate covered Oreos – what’s not to love there people?!). I may also add a ‘Kids’ section for the same reason. I don’t love when a site has too many sections but I think these additions make it easier to filter out what you’re not looking for. Yes? Good, I thought you’d agree.

Before I get to changing anything around, here’s a few new additions to the site!

Pink Fudge

PB Stuffed Cookies

Fairy Headbands
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