Window Shopping Wednesday, Part 7

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I have been itching to sew, but there is knitting to finish up and some random bloggy stuff to attend to first, so for now, I will just drool over fabrics and patterns. <3



I had six more images in this post, but I took them down because I they were crowding these patterns! I want to order every pattern from this shop and sew them all for my girls. Anyone want to come keep my house as impossibly clean as my husband has come to expect? That’ll teach me. 😉


I have an overwhelming urge to sew up some cute dresses from gnome fabrics!!



  1. CarpoolQueen  •  Oct 14, 2010 @7:55 am

    I wish I could sew. I’ve decided that we need to move so I can have a craft room in which to put a sewing machine and make cute things for the daughters I DON’T have.

    Thanks for stopping by –


    Hehe, you can make cute stuff for your boys! My oldest is 10 and only ever wears the socks I make him on the regular, but he’ll wear other stuff I make for pictures and holidays! 😛

  2. Jenn  •  Oct 14, 2010 @8:59 am

    OH my goodness…those dresses are adorable. Makes me wish I had a sewing machine. Maybe someday!

    Your blog is so cute. I love it!

    Thanks for commenting on my article At The Well.

    Right? I love these patterns too, I must make them!

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