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This week’s marriage challenge from Women Living Well was to list 10 things we admire about our husbands – and to show it to them. The premise is that while we may think our husbands know we admire them, we can’t really know for sure unless we actually tell them. I say all the time I’ve been with my husband for 11 years and I still have a major crush on him, so this list will be fun.

1. He is so smart it’s creepy. Obviously, he’s brilliant in his field and it’s amazing how often this sort of knowledge comes in handy, and I’d like to add here that he is 100% self taught! Aside from that, he’s got this overall level of awareness and smarts over the most random, and thankfully very useful, subjects!

2. He is a very goal oriented hard worker. Clearly, he works his butt off for his family and we are all very appreciative of that. He has since before we were even a family, when it was just the two of us before we got married. His work ethic and drive have brought us so far! Most couples do not recover financially to the place we are in after having their first child at 19 (and two more before 30)!

3. He is a very, very moral person. He always takes the high road – always. Sometimes it’s a little amazing, especially when a friend who doesn’t know him well sees it come out. I know how lucky I am to be with someone who ‘thinks with his big head’, you know? 😉

4. He is outrageously silly! Sometimes, if he hears me coming, he’ll hide behind the kitchen counter, or under my desk and jump out and scare me. I love it. Or when I’m taking food photos for the blog, he’ll get in there and make it silly and fun. We’ll stay up into the wee hours of the morning watching back to back episodes of the Simpsons laughing our heads off.


5. He is also such a grown up. He’s miles ahead of me, he can look at serious grown up stuff, like mortgages and taxes and health insurance and calmly formulate a plan. Or call our financial planner, which is also a pretty grown up thing to do, yes?

6. He is a serious family guy. Given the money and time and space, I’m sure he’d want some TLC-style big family. He is a sucker for babies and is the most protective father of an infant I have ever seen – even on this third time! Whenever he plans a weekend or day trip, it’s geared for the wee ones and all the major decisions are made with them in mind.

7. He’s a great husband – he’s a great husband when it really matters. When I was terrified and in labor for the first time at 19, he really stepped up. He was amazing. Even more amazing 5 years later when we did it again, and by the third time around, we could have done it ourselves in a cabin in the woods – now that’s a partner. 😉 And really, who gets a girl pregnant at 21 and actually marries her and lives happily ever after? He does! <3

8. He’s my biggest fan. 😛 The ways he supports my efforts all across my life, my friendships and my hobbies inspires me to always be supportive! He holds me to an ever-higher standard, which just pushes me to get better at all the things I do.

9. He is a genuine person. He just is who he is all the time with no excuses and I loooooove that about him. From the silly things, like a real love for bad movies to lifestyle things like how we run our family.

10. He has big dreams – and the drive to go after them. He inspires me to set new goals for myself every time I achieve something.

I hope it doesn’t sound too cheesy, but he’s a rad guy so it’s all true! Now, off to show this to him. <3



  1. Courtney(WomenLivingWell)  •  Jul 8, 2010 @11:44 am

    Love your list! He sounds amazing!! Keep the spark alive!!

    Thank you! He is. <3

  2. sophia  •  Jul 8, 2010 @4:56 pm

    Aw, what did your husband say when you showed this to him? I would totally tear up. Your husband just sounds so wonderful!

    He really liked it . 🙂

  3. Anna  •  Jul 8, 2010 @8:49 pm

    What a sweet post.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Elaina  •  Jul 8, 2010 @11:00 pm

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Didn’t you just love this challenge. I definitely enjoyed making a list of just a few of the things I love about my man. I enjoyed reading other list as well.

    Totally! It was fun to write up and it’s been fun checking out all the other blogs and reading the other women’s lists. So sweet! <3

  5. So lovely that you are so happily married. Thank God for happy merriages. Thanks for stoping by my spot as well. Have a great day focusing on God’s many blessings in your life today. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

    Thank you!! Your blog is so sweet, I love it.

  6. Jenna  •  Jul 9, 2010 @9:29 am

    Great list!!! I bet he enjoyed reading it 🙂

    Thanks! He did, it was really sweet.

  7. MutantSupermodel  •  Jul 10, 2010 @3:33 pm

    Found your blog via Ravelry (I think). I feel like we’re living in parallel universes. You’re happily married, I’m happily in the process of divorce LOL I have three wee ones as well (all before I turned 30 too) and I love to knit. I wish I was the domestic goddess you are! I read through some of your posts and I’m glad to have found you!

    I just checked out your blog and I’m so glad you found me too!

  8. Christina  •  Jul 12, 2010 @5:51 pm

    I stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed it. It’s down to earth, honest, bubbly, and balanced! Check out my blog, too, if you would, as we are very like-minded 🙂

    We are like-minded, I love your blog! So sweet!

  9. Joie  •  Jul 13, 2010 @12:18 pm

    Ok…cheesey…Does he have a brother…ha!

    He sounds absolutely wonderful and everything a woman hopes for – true love. And it’s beautiful!

    Congratulations on proving that it exists….

    Thanks! He does have a brother, lol, but he’s not like my hubby. He’s amazing, and there are others out there like him!

  10. Amy  •  Jul 14, 2010 @12:34 pm

    What a neat list!

  11. Gertha  •  Jul 28, 2010 @11:01 am

    Love your post:-)!!! You are blessed!

    Thank you so much!

  12. Pamela  •  Jan 11, 2011 @9:05 pm

    Ah, I feel a bit weepy reading your post. I’m a sucker for couples that are so awesome that make everyone else wild with jealousy. You guys are great, and it’s wonderful that you make sure he knows it. Mutually lucky!

    <3 Thank you so much!

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