BH Cosmetics

I’ve been a big fan of BH Cosmetics for about two years. I have big love for pops of color and even bigger love for serious lashes, so those are two qualities BH has in spades, but I also don’t want to drop $300 every time I need to refresh my makeup kit or pay… Continue reading BH Cosmetics

Homemade Facial Cleansers

Last year I started experimenting with making my own mineral makeup, lip glosses and bath fizzies and a few months ago we made soap with new friends! Since all of these experiments went so well and I was not only able to use everything I made, but it all turned out really nice and in… Continue reading Homemade Facial Cleansers

Make Your Own Bath Fizzies

Today is a fun link up day! All these link ups are full of beautiful and inspirational projects – check some of them out! A Bowl Full of Lemons, Sugar Bee Crafts, My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, Funky Polkadot Giraffe, Today’s Creative Blog, The Blackberry Vine, Adventures of a DIY Mom, Our Delightful Home, Carolyn’s… Continue reading Make Your Own Bath Fizzies

Super Cute Saturday

This is a fun look that I wore most of the time when we lived in the woods and we had errands at school or in town. Writing this from LA, it’s hard to believe that I had to ‘drive into town’ to run errands. Amazing the difference a few months makes. Anyhoo…this was super… Continue reading Super Cute Saturday

Window Shopping Wednesday – Octopurse

Just LOOK!! I love, love, love every single item in this shop. Octopurse is based in Belgium and kicks out adorable purses, pouches, card holders and paperback book covers. Everything is so cute! I am especially in love with these little purses and card holders, but there are pages and pages of cuteness in this… Continue reading Window Shopping Wednesday – Octopurse

Hard Candy / Urban Decay Grey Eyes

I’m a real sucker for black eyeshadow and pink lips and this video only made it worse. Any combo of blacks and greys on the eyes with any kind of light to almost berry lips is a winner for me. So smitten with how cute this is! This is a look I wear far too… Continue reading Hard Candy / Urban Decay Grey Eyes

Window Shopping Wednesday – Green Ribbon Gems

Today marks the official end to our giveaway with Keeley Behling Studios! I love doing Window Shopping Wednesday posts. Window shopping in general is not really my thing. I have a hard time with the gimmies to be honest with you. My biggest issue is pretty much anything that sparkles, which made for a serious… Continue reading Window Shopping Wednesday – Green Ribbon Gems

Purple and Green Eyes with Kat Von D Gloss

Don’t forget about our giveaway with Keeley Behling Studios! Like the Keeley Behling Studios Facebook page and leave a comment there about something in her Etsy shop to enter. It wouldn’t hurt if you liked the So Very Domestic Facebook page too. 😉 In our very first apartment together, my husband and one of our… Continue reading Purple and Green Eyes with Kat Von D Gloss

Hard Candy Black Shadow

Being a teenager in the 90s meant that I was hopelessly obsessed with Hard Candy. Hopelessly. It wasn’t widely available in Canada, so we had to either hunt for it, or wait for friends and family to come back from American shopping adventures. Seventeen magazine totally fueled my obsession. Truthfully Seventeen magazine still fuels a… Continue reading Hard Candy Black Shadow