Farmer’s Market Haul (with meal ideas)!

Last summer, I fell madly in love with the Torrance Farmer’s Market. I love it because it’s big so there is a lot of selection, but not so big that you can’t get to know the vendors. I looooove that it’s a year-round market (since you know, 2 weeks of rain is ‘winter’ down here)… Continue reading Farmer’s Market Haul (with meal ideas)!

Happy New Years Eve (and a Deceptively Delicious round up)

Happy New Years Eve!! Tonight we’ll celebrate with the littles early and call our parents and then we’ll celebrate at midnight and call a bunch of friends on the East coast at 3am. Hehe. That means YOU, Talea! I am looking forward to tonight, but I’ll wait and show you all the silly fun tomorrow!!… Continue reading Happy New Years Eve (and a Deceptively Delicious round up)

Homemade Facial Cleansers

Last year I started experimenting with making my own mineral makeup, lip glosses and bath fizzies and a few months ago we made soap with new friends! Since all of these experiments went so well and I was not only able to use everything I made, but it all turned out really nice and in… Continue reading Homemade Facial Cleansers

Vegan ‘Goldfish’ Crackers (Thank you Mama Pea)

Ok so, as you are all painfully aware by now, I’m the biggest fan girl there ever was for Peas and Thank You and for Mama Pea’s cookbook. I will have to tally it up but I think I have made almost all of the recipes now. However, since Mama Pea (aka Sarah Matheny), is… Continue reading Vegan ‘Goldfish’ Crackers (Thank you Mama Pea)

110 of the World’s Healthiest Foods – #38 Bananas & #70 Flax

For a few years now I’ve been getting a lot of my basic information about the foods I eat from The World’s Healthiest Foods, and then I generally do more research on whatever food I looked up and pull it all together for a better understanding of what I’m eating. I figured since I refer… Continue reading 110 of the World’s Healthiest Foods – #38 Bananas & #70 Flax

Week in Review #4

What a wonderful, wonderful week it has been!! sister love and palm trees sparkles and Hello Kitty are a match made in toddler heaven Polliwog Park and Manhattan Beach in general are my new favorite places after five months of having a pool, none of us can imagine not having one & the same is… Continue reading Week in Review #4

Torrance Farmer’s Market!

Every Saturday and Tuesday from 8am-1pm, farmers from over 60 California farms (from Fresno to San Diego) come together in Charles Wilson park in Torrance! In Canada, our favorite farmer’s market staples were strawberries, blueberries, butternut squash and apples. Here though? Here we were excited about (and not disappointed by) the local citrus fruit. The… Continue reading Torrance Farmer’s Market!