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Work in Progress Wednesday #3

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In this post, I’m participating in three WIP Wednesdays; Freshly Pieced, Tami’s Amis and Musings from the Fishbowl.

I have something that isn’t being knitted this week!! Do you need a moment?

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t knitted at all this week, but I have been sewing! So far, I’ve stuck to very small items, like baby dresses and bags. Technically, curtains should be incredibly easy after making cute little baby dresses that actually fit and were totally wearable. So I figured instead of potentially ruining new fabric, I did just what I did with the baby dresses – I used sheets!

Hilariously, even after measuring the window, I cut my panels too short. Of course. They cover the window…mostly. Also, it really looks like I used the wrong stitch for my hems too, doesn’t it? Like it was too tight because it almost looks like it’s puckering. I think. I dunno, but it looks ‘weird’. I definitely need a do over, but after having made that mistake with practice sheets, next time I’ll do them properly, with more fabric.

These curtains are as plain as humanly possible – to try to minimize the mishaps lol! I made a little folded over sleeve from the wide hem at the top of the sheet, then I hemmed the edges. They’re a WIP, not a FO because (if I was going to keep them, but I’m not) they’d need a backing before they could be officially finished and some kind of trim would be nice. However, I’m not keeping them so they’ll serve their purpose while I find more fabric and and try again.

I also ordered some fabric from Fabric Closet for Wee One #1’s bedroom. No pink princesses here. I know I ordered enough and hopefully this time, I wont find a different way to muck it up. 😉

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Window Shopping Wednesday, Part 7

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I have been itching to sew, but there is knitting to finish up and some random bloggy stuff to attend to first, so for now, I will just drool over fabrics and patterns. <3



I had six more images in this post, but I took them down because I they were crowding these patterns! I want to order every pattern from this shop and sew them all for my girls. Anyone want to come keep my house as impossibly clean as my husband has come to expect? That’ll teach me. 😉


I have an overwhelming urge to sew up some cute dresses from gnome fabrics!!


Window Shopping Wednesday, Part 4

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Part 4 of this new weekly venture features a seemingly random collection of wish list worthy gear I found while digging through a ‘must have’ folder in my bookmarks. Some items have sold out, but there are so many other treasures to be found with these sellers!

I was looking for ribbons to use as handles on a knitted bag and I found Griffith Gardens, full of beautiful ribbons and crocheted flowers. I especially love the double sided black satin ribbon! The crocheted flowers are well crafted – most of the stock at this shop is crocheted; scarves, letters even (love this!), coasters, throws and on and on.



I adore this bag more than any other in this week’s collection. Love, love, love it! It’s so sweet and girly and then you look a little closer and BAM, skulls. <3

Once on a bag rampage, I came across HautTotes, and immediately I was in love and I think these four examples can help explain why. Especially the Christmas pin up girls and the zebra print. I’d wear them all. the. time. The wee bows on the collection are sweet, enough to make them part of a set but not so much that it takes away from the bag. Pretty!



This apron is officially on my personal wish list. Last time I posted something here hoping I’d get it for Christmas the hint was not taken (joke’s on me) so this time around, I will buy this for myself! There are even matching pot holders!

Of course this little gingerbread number stole my heart, but seems to have been moved or taken down or lost in the dark recesses of the internet, but it was lovely and so very festive! The Zelda pillow is really close to home for me. Mr. SoVeryDomestic has an original Nintendo comforter that we still use from his childhood. On it are Mario and Luigi of course, the Princess, Bowser and hilariously, Link! I can’t think of a good reason to wear a vendor apron, aside from being a vendor, but they’re so cute I’d love to wear one.



Naturally, the next event in this chain is shopping for fabric to make amazing aprons! Duh! I was going for robots and man, did I ever find them over at Voodoo Rabbit. Not only robots but, ‘fabric, buttons & sewing supplies for the dark arts & craftist’. Fantastic! We’ll start with robots and move on to Spidery Web, Pink Skull Pinstripe, How to Get a Husband fabric is beyond amazing. <3



Window Shopping Wednesday, Part 1

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When I finally plunked down to decide on the cotton for our diapers, I headed first to Etsy, and then to eBay where I found Tonic Living, the shop where I picked up all of the cotton flannel I used for the diapers. Along the way I came across so many cute crafty things I instinctively felt that I ‘needed’. Naturally, as much as I’d love to say that I have a legitimate use for 20 Colourful Hello Kitty Shank Buttons, I just don’t. So until I come up with ideas for all of these supplies, I’ll have to just drool over them here. I’m posting photos of my finds with links to the shop, if the exact item has sold, poke around to see what else they have listed!

My *fave* Etsy shop is Rainbow Fabrics! It’s one of those places that I lose all track of time when I go there. So many fun and vibrant fabrics to pick from, I got 14 different fabrics (fat quarters and half yards) and I already have a long wish list again! This set of apple fabric I want to use to make some school gear for wee one #2, she started kindergarten this fall and is crafty-minded. I wonder where she gets it from. Ha! Would have been a cute a first day of school dress with apples? That’s not too cheesy, is it? Sometimes I have to hold myself back from the uber cheesy, so I can’t always tell. If it’s not flamed as lame, I’ll do it up next year. Or maybe a crayon case?

Alexander Henry Perfect Pattern Pair, Japanese Elephants and Mushrooms with Glitter

Michael Miller Apple Dot Set, Kitties, Birdies, Buggies and Flowers

I was looking for Hello Kitty fabric and came across a shop based in Japan called This and That From Japan, with fabric, ribbons, stamps and other neat stuff. The only issue is the shipping (most items are $4.50 in shipping, $2.75 if shipped with another item), but that depends on both where you are and how much you love the item. I love this fabric because you can find Hello Kitty on fabric here, but I’ve never seen her apple picking before!

Japanese Fabric – Hello Kitty Picking Apples – Half Yard

Of course I have to add in the Kero fabric I found when I found the Hello Kitty stuff. Soooo cute! I have no idea what I’d use this for. Maybe a dress for one of my girls? Maybe a wee little tote for myself? When I get better at it, I’d really love to make some kind of sweet/creepy Japanese cartoon quilt, but I’m not going to collect pieces for it until my quilting skills are better.

Japanese Fabric – Kerokerokeroppi and Friends – Blue – Half Yard

All this neat baking gear can be found at Cupcake Social. I will readily admit it’s the shop’s name that had me clicking the link and I’m glad it did because its packed full of really cute baking supplies! I’ve mentioned before that 2010 will be Cake and Cupcake Year, I’m so looking forward to using some of this neat gear.

Mini Assorted Animal Print Cupcake Liners, Pretty in Pink and Black Cupcake or Muffins Baking Liners

Creepy Crawly Sugar Bug Layons

Then, of course, are the botton shops. It is so easy to get sucked into the button shops! This one, Forsythe Company Store has a lot of sweet treasures.

One Inch Plaid Scottie Dog Buttons, Sweet Turquoise Summer T-shirt Buttons

These four gems were found at Delish Beads.

17mm Purple Bunny Buttons, 15mm White Teddy Bear Cabochons

25mm Fuzzy Skull Appliques, 45mm Big Pink Star Pendants

    Buttons and beads for sure are the worst for me, because I literally never make anything from them, but they are shiny and pretty and I’m such a sucker!! I want to, and I hope to, but at the moment I don’t have any projects planned with beads. I’d use the bunny buttons on a sweater for one of the girls, and I’d love the fuzzy skulls on something for me. One thing at a time though!

    I aim to continue with this series! Send me links to neat crafty supplies!

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    Etsy Shopping and Another Birthday

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    I was so annoyed when ripping out Lindsay’s sock last week I had to snap a pic and go over it again. Obviously there is no give in a tightly (or even just not loosely) knit intarsia sock, but I honestly didn’t think I’d have to knit as loosely as I now know I do. I will not make the same mistake twice. Such a painful lesson to learn, I was honestly enjoying knitting polka dots. So I’ve cast on again and have made as much progress as the first photo I posted, without polka dots just the cuff.

    In news as great as the sock is painful, my order from Rainbow Fabrics arrived! I got seven fat quarter packs, and eight half yards all in different fabrics. I am so excited! I think how well I do any given craft is directly proportionate to how cute the supplies are. I did recently get a bunch of new yarn and it has almost all been delegated to projects already, but I really wanted to play with my sewing machine. I also picked up some really, really cute cotton flannel to make diapers with but it’s not here yet. We’ll get into that when I have a phottie. For now I’m going to make some pouches as loot bags for our Easter stitch n bitch from two of the fat quarter packs, and I have two dresses in mind for wee ones #2 and #3. I have to catch up on the March and April birthdays and then there isn’t as much going on during the summer so I’ll hopefully have a chance to sew them up, but the pouches will be done for Easter.

    It feels like we’ve had a birthday almost every weekend lately. Lindsay’s fete here was on Saturday, and then we celebrated Romi‘s on Tuesday! The kids and I did up the window and made a 3 layer birthday cake in her honor. The top two layers were vanilla with chocolate frosting, the bottom was chocolate with vanilla frosting.


    I also made bite size brownies, but I’ve started making them with Becel instead of butter, because this is getting out of hand. They’re very soft and chewy on the inside with just a wee bit of a crust. I modified the brownie recipe I’ve been making for years and years and just baked them in my silicone mini tart tray. They’re great on their own, and I think they’d make a really naughty (and equally delicious) addition to a trifle for a kids party. Cut into quarters, they’d also be amazing in a milkshake. 😛