Work in Progress Wednesday #3

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In this post, I’m participating in three WIP Wednesdays; Freshly Pieced, Tami’s Amis and Musings from the Fishbowl.

I have something that isn’t being knitted this week!! Do you need a moment?

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t knitted at all this week, but I have been sewing! So far, I’ve stuck to very small items, like baby dresses and bags. Technically, curtains should be incredibly easy after making cute little baby dresses that actually fit and were totally wearable. So I figured instead of potentially ruining new fabric, I did just what I did with the baby dresses – I used sheets!

Hilariously, even after measuring the window, I cut my panels too short. Of course. They cover the window…mostly. Also, it really looks like I used the wrong stitch for my hems too, doesn’t it? Like it was too tight because it almost looks like it’s puckering. I think. I dunno, but it looks ‘weird’. I definitely need a do over, but after having made that mistake with practice sheets, next time I’ll do them properly, with more fabric.

These curtains are as plain as humanly possible – to try to minimize the mishaps lol! I made a little folded over sleeve from the wide hem at the top of the sheet, then I hemmed the edges. They’re a WIP, not a FO because (if I was going to keep them, but I’m not) they’d need a backing before they could be officially finished and some kind of trim would be nice. However, I’m not keeping them so they’ll serve their purpose while I find more fabric and and try again.

I also ordered some fabric from Fabric Closet for Wee One #1’s bedroom. No pink princesses here. I know I ordered enough and hopefully this time, I wont find a different way to muck it up. 😉

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Pamela  •  Jan 12, 2011 @12:21 pm

    I’m not worthy…but I did hang a set of Target drapes that I ordered online, on the rods I ordered with them and PUT TOGETHER MYSELF. After that I took a nap because all that domestic effort zapped me.

    Sometimes I scare myself. 😉

    And, you rock. I am envious-in-a-good-way of your talent, enthusiasm, and industriousness.

    Ha wow, did you break a sweat? 😉 Though I’ll give you assembling curtain rods, sometimes they’re a horrible pain and made much harder than they need to be

  2. Marushka  •  Jan 12, 2011 @12:29 pm

    Practicing with sheets is a great idea. It’s always so disillusioning to wreck the “good stuff” on a first try. You’ll soon be making gorgeous curtains. (That skull fabric is too cool!)

    I will fill you in on every painful detail after I’ve sewn them lol. Hopefully, it’s in a victory post!


  3. Jerimi  •  Jan 12, 2011 @1:24 pm

    Not using practice sheets is definitely my downfall! I’ve used up more pretty fabric by being just sure that I don’t need a practice run when I try something for the first time. 😛

    I have much love for that skully fabric. I’ll have to pay Fabric Closet a visit, especially since they seem to be having a sale. Score! Thanks for pointing out a great shop.

    Good luck with your projects, and have a great week!

    If you’re really lucky, the sheets are cute too and you get it right on the first try!

  4. Kathleen  •  Jan 12, 2011 @2:22 pm

    Practice-curtains are such a good idea—I’m a novice at sewing, and I always try to use some scrap fabric to test things out for a first try. And that skull fabric? Is going to make some seriously awesome curtains. 😀

    They’re for my 10 year old, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get much cooler than that. He’s looking forward to seeing them done. I’m looking forward to the fabric arriving!

  5. Lee  •  Jan 12, 2011 @3:38 pm

    Skull and crossbones curtains – love it! So fun! Personally I think curtains are deceptively difficult. I don’t have a ton of cutting space, so cutting such large pieces of fabric accurately and actually STRAIGHT really is hard!

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, happy sewing! : )

    Exactly!! I’m going to have to cut them on the dining room floor!

  6. Paula @ Knit and Seek  •  Jan 12, 2011 @4:39 pm

    Cute fabric! I really, really want to learn how to sew, and am hoping like crazy that you’ll be posting a pic of the finished baby dress!

    Also, totally unrelated to anything, every time I see that you’re participating in WIPW at the top of your post, I read it as “freshly pierced”. Finally realized that it’s “freshly pieced”, and probably not the kind of blog I thought. 🙂 I’ll check it out now that I’m not scared any more. 🙂

    Hahaha. That’s awesome! It must be a brain thing, I read it that way too and I know what it is. At Freshly Pieced, Lee makes modern quilts and has two little girls and likely nothing freshly pierced. 😛 I promise to post pics of the baby dresses next week. Both of my girls have worn them.

  7. Denise  •  Jan 12, 2011 @7:27 pm

    Could you lower the rod just a bit, so they won’t be too short?

    Oh my goodness. Denise. Of course I can. Someone give this woman a prize. As if I didn’t think of that. Ahem. Thank you!

  8. Shannon  •  Jan 12, 2011 @8:15 pm

    Such cute fabric! I haven’t conquered sewing yet but I would think that slightly too short is completely forgivable!

    Apparently, it is. The kids don’t care and my husband didn’t even notice!

  9. autumngeisha  •  Jan 12, 2011 @9:18 pm

    That is such a smart idea to use sheets! Will definitely be stealing this. Love the skulls and crossbones!

    Well, they’re usually big enough for whatever, right? 😛

  10. diane  •  Jan 12, 2011 @10:39 pm

    Love those skulls!

    I’m excited about them too!

  11. Tami  •  Jan 13, 2011 @3:17 pm

    Love the skull fabric! I can’t wait to see it as drapes!

    Thanks! I’m excited about it too! You’ll see it coming together lol!

  12. Angie  •  Jan 13, 2011 @10:40 pm

    I also did a similar issue with curtains and didn’t make them long enough. Then I became good friends with my seam ripper.

    Ha! You totally feel my pain! Thanks!

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