Decoupaged Easter Eggs

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Decoupaged Easter Eggs

This is a pretty neat idea I bookmarked a couple of years ago on Say Yes to Hoboken. It’s very simple but very cute and can be used in Easter hunts, baskets or the as the original site suggested, as place settings! I made them for an Easter potluck my mommy group put on. I’ll post pictures of all of that insanity fun tonight!

Decoupaged Easter Eggs
First tap the top off your eggs and empty them, (refrigerate for baking or scrambling later). Then rinse them and let dry overnight (or longer).
Decoupaged Easter Eggs
Once they’re dry, fill them with whatever treats you want! I filled half with jellybeans for the kids and half with stickers for the toddlers.
Decoupaged Easter Eggs
Using a paintbrush, tissue paper and a whole lotta glue, attack these little guys until they are covered. Then let them dry for about a day! Voila!

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  1. Rachel  •  Mar 24, 2013 @9:46 pm

    Love these! Kenny’s sister made these a couple of years ago, but put homemade confetti in them! Very messy, but super cool!

    OMG What a fun idea!!

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