Flashback Friday #5


After yesterday’s post and school starting up for us on Monday I thought I’d share a school tradition we did when I was a kid that I kept up with my kids. I will keep doing the same thing, even though we’re schooling at home now. 🙂

Every year on the first day, we’d have our pictures taken in front of the house. This series of photos from my childhood has me standing in front of the same front door every year! I lived in one house from the time I was a few months old until I moved out at 18. My kids? Well, we have adventured quite a bit. Our version of this series has a total of 5 front doors, plus this year is yet another one. When I ask them about it, they both (Wee One #3 is too young to really have an opinion on it) always say it’s been a lot of fun and Wee One #1 reminds me he has been more places and seen more things at 12 than a lot of people ever get to go or see.

This picture is from the first day of school in 2009, Wee One #2’s first day ever!

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