Peas & Thank You Beg Worthy Banana Bread (& Menu Monday)

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As I sit here, listening to The Andrew Sisters (yes, really) and planning out the menu this week, I’m already thinking of the banana bread I’m going to make this afternoon. The rant about it is after this week’s menu plan and no, I didn’t post the recipe. I swear the book is worth the mere $10 for the eBook. This week, for whatever reason I’m not sure, I’m feeling especially like a domestic goddess. Maybe my weekend soap making adventures with my friends working out pumped me up? Maybe it was reinstating Sunday dinner that did it? I’m not sure, but I want to scrub the patio and wash the windows and cook and bake everyone’s favorite everything! This week’s menu is a little of everyone’s favorite everything.

This Week’s Menu!

Monday – Chicken Pot Pies with Cocoa Brownies for dessert

Tuesday – Chicken Alfredo and Caramel Frappuccino Cupcakes for dessert

Wednesday – Beef Stew with Homemade Buns and Eclairs for dessert

Thursday – Chicken Ceaser Wraps and Chocolate-Coconut Bars for dessert

Friday – Homemade Calzones/Pizzas and Blueberry Pie for dessert

Saturday – Breaded Cod with Skinny Fries and Corn with Rocky Road Bars for dessert

Sunday – Lasagna with Homemade Rolls and Blueberry Pie for dessert

In her book, Peas and Thank You, Sarah Matheny boasts that this recipe will make you actually want to make banana bread – that it will no longer be a necessary way to deal with spotted bananas on the counter. I read that and thought, dude, it’s banana bread, we all like it but no one makes it on purpose. Well, it’s true. I now purposely put some bananas in a paper bag (speeds up ripening) the same day I bring them home from the grocery store. I love this banana bread and so does everyone I’ve served it to!

Peas & Thank You Beg Worthy Banana Bread

Peas & Thank You Beg Worth Banana Bread
Peas & Thank You Beg Worthy Banana Bread
Peas & Thank You Beg Worthy Banana Bread
Peas & Thank You Beg Worthy Banana Bread
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