Window Shopping Wednesday – Octopurse

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Just LOOK!! I love, love, love every single item in this shop. Octopurse is based in Belgium and kicks out adorable purses, pouches, card holders and paperback book covers. Everything is so cute! I am especially in love with these little purses and card holders, but there are pages and pages of cuteness in this shop.

I love the Little Red Riding Hood purse and London card holder more than everything on my wish list right now (Sleeping Beauty is pretty amazing too). Ah. Door. A. Bull.

Window Shopping Wednesday - Octopurse

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  1. Mutant Supermodel  •  May 24, 2012 @11:55 am

    What the fuck Maytina? Why are you doing this to me woman?? I’m broke as a joke on coke!

    Hahahaha. Love! Like, why is this bitch throwing shit I can’t buy in my face?! I want all of it. This shop gives me the gimmies like woooah

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