Work in Progress Wednesday #9


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Work in Progress Wednesday #9

This week I casted on for Sock #3 of 2012 – Bintje. Super super pretty. They’re meant to be knee socks, but we’ll see what happens. Ha!

The cuff on these socks is so neat!! I had seen it in other patterns before, but truthfully I had thought it was more complicated than it actually is and I had skipped it every time I saw it and knitted a normal cuff. I know, super lameo. This year however, along with my resolution to knit a pair of socks every month (I’m on my third pair right now, so far so good), I’m going to follow the patterns I picked out last year and actually knit up this year’s socks as the patterns tell me to. I’m glad I did, look how cute!!!

Essentially, you knit 6 rows, then you knit a row of k2tog, yo – giving you a row of holes, then you knit another 6 rows. I’ll take pic of that on the second sock. Then you fold it over so the holes are the middle and the yarn overs between the holes form the little ridges you see. You can either sew down the top of the cuff or do it the way the pattern says, which I did thankyouverymuch. You pick up stitches at the very beginning and knit them to the last row of the cuff, of course you have to do this when you’re actually on the last row of the cuff, but it was fairly simple. All sock knitters can pick up stitches because we have to when we do the gusset anyway, right? In the third picture you can see the inside seam where I did this. Maybe when I get to the second sock I’ll make a video.

I also chose to use slightly thicker sock yarn (Stroll Fingering hehe fingering instead of Stroll Sock) on 2.5mm needles instead of 2mm needles so the sock would be a little denser than other socks. They’re for someone in a wettish coldish area who reads my blog so that’s all I’m going to say, though that’s probably all I needed for say for her to know they’re for her. Sigh.

There is a lot going on around here in the next couple of weeks and then we depart for a serious adventure that I have no doubt I will fill you in on in horribly painful detail once it begins. I hope to have at least the second sock started by this time next week!

Work in Progress Wednesday #9
Work in Progress Wednesday #9
Work in Progress Wednesday #9
Work in Progress Wednesday #9


  1. snosler  •  Mar 14, 2012 @2:26 pm

    OK … WHERE did you find those darling cups for people to click on up right??? Anyhoo, stopping in from today’s blog hop – would LOVE the return favor of a follow via GFC and Facebook (I just made my page today … need all the help I can muster 
    Have a great one!

    Totally about to follow and like. 🙂 Thanks! I found some of the coffee cups on a design blog a little while ago, and then I made cups for the other sites I needed.

  2. Shannon Quinn  •  Mar 15, 2012 @11:48 am

    Following from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop:) I like those cute little cups too! You’re the only person I’ve ever seen with them! Thats awesome:)
    Follow back if you’d like at
    Have a wonderful day!

    Thanks so much Shannon!

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