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Happy Canada Day (yesterday)!

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Last week, we decided that Canadians living stateside should really do it up for Canada Day. I also promise to do something fun on the 4th!

Traditionally, when making poutine, you’d use cheese curds but guess what? There is only one shop in all of Los Angeles that sells cheese curds aaaand it’s not even really in LA, it’s in Long Beach. Also? I only discovered there was a shop in Long Beach that sold cheese curds immediately after I got back to LA from Long Beach. Insert dramatic sigh. The extremely informative dude at Whole Foods that laid all this out for me explained that cheese curds have to be super fresh and there’s not a lot of demand for them down here. Then he laughed and said ‘yeah, cheese curds aren’t big in Southern California’. Then I told him why I wanted them so he didn’t think I was crazy and since everyone seems to love Canadians down here, he suggested several different kinds of cheese to use in place of the curds and I settled on Doux de Montagne. Best decision I could have made. The cheese was really, really soft and it melted perfectly. However, since my husband is not a big fan of ‘unusual cheeses’, I made three versions of poutine. Soft Mozzarella, Monterey Jack and my amazing new love, Doux de Montagne!

Recipe after this week’s menu (well, if you can even call it a recipe)!

This week’s menu is super simple, there’s a lot of exploring and adventuring to do this week. This is our first week of summer vacation from homeschooling and we’re all pretty hyped about it. I’m insisting we continue with math and of course we will all keep reading, but generally they’re free to play at the beach and have picnics at the park and spend too long in the pool so we all get pruney and play board games into the night and whatever else their little hearts fancy (within reason). Hopefully we’ll have photies up on Sunday of these adventures.

This Week’s Menu

Monday – Throwback Burritos and Cocoa Brownies for dessert

Tuesday – Throwback Burritos and Blondies for dessert

Wednesday – Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Potato Salad with Apple Pie for dessert

Thursday – Chicken Pot Pie with Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert

Friday – Spaghetti with Meatballs and Garlic Rolls with Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert

Saturday – Chicken Alfredo and Ceaser Salad with Chocolate Cake for dessert

Sunday – Breaded Sole and Rice Pilaf with Ice Cream for dessert

Happy Canada Day Poutine

All you need is:
French fries
Beef gravy

Happy Canada Day Poutine
Happy Canada Day Poutine
First chop your cheese of choice into small easy to melt bits, then pop your fries in the oven and make your peameal bacon sandwich( if you’re getting all Canadian).
Happy Canada Day Poutine
Happy Canada Day Poutine
Aww look, Toronto sandwiches in love! Mr So Very Domestic and I, of course. Sorry, moving on. Plate your super hot fries and make sure your gravy is crazy hot.
Happy Canada Day Poutine
Happy Canada Day Poutine
Sprinkle your cheese bits on top of the fries and pour the gravy over top.
Happy Canada Day Poutine
If you are getting Canadian, you’re going to want to go East Coast and have a Moosehead with this.