Peep Tree

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This is for sure one of the more random holiday crafts I’ve tried my hand at, but when I saw one I knew I had to see it for myself. I decided to try it now because Peeps were on sale at Big Lots and this is not an edible craft once it’s been put together!

I have seen so many different versions of this project online I think we all gather our supplies, sit down with a tutorial and then we each attack it differently! That’s what happened at our house anyway and it worked out pretty well I think.

Peep Tree

Peep Tree
-lots and lots and lots of peeps in different colors (chicks or bunnies, your choice)
-small flower pot
-styrofoam ball
-florist’s brick
-eleventy billion toothpicks
-at least one bag of jellybeans
-spray adhesive helped me a whole lot

The only rules to follow really are to cut your florists’ block to fit your flower pot, poke your dowels in there and poke the styrofoam ball on top. Fill the flower pot with jellybeans to cover the florists’ block and away you go with the peeps! I found it helpful to spray a little spray adhesive on the back of each peep and on the toothpick so the toothpick would stick to the peep and the peep would stick to the styrofoam ball (and later to other peeps). I know the marshmallow holds on to the toothpicks anyway, but after a while gravity takes hold and really pulls those suckers down.

This tree is not really the kind of deco that kicks around from year to year. Since the jellybeans are loose it’s not really storage friendly, and since it takes some serious black magic for this thing to stay together without glue on it, it’s not like you can eat it when Easter hits.

I do however have a fun Easter morning deco that is edible but you’ll have to wait till we are a whole lot closer to Easter for that little gem. 😉

Peep Tree
Peep Tree
Peep Tree
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Natalie  •  Mar 13, 2013 @7:18 pm

    This might be the cutest Easter tree ever!

    Thanks! It was fun to make!

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