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I’ve been a big fan of BH Cosmetics for about two years. I have big love for pops of color and even bigger love for serious lashes, so those are two qualities BH has in spades, but I also don’t want to drop $300 every time I need to refresh my makeup kit or pay $7-$16 for a pair of lashes (especially considering I wear them often). I’m not against splurging, and in the interest of full disclosure I do love me some Sephora and have a mild obsession with my pink Tarina Tarintino glitter. Having said that, I don’t shop Sephora to stock up and I don’t wear pink glitter everyday (sigh, but in a perfect world…).

So enter BH. Not only will you get way more for your dollar here than anywhere else I’ve looked, the quality is far better than the price implies. The eyeshadow pigments are long wearing and really bright! The 120 Color Palettes are usually between $30-35 but there is always some promotion or another. Right now they are actually 40% off and that’s not all that strange. I’ve never paid full price on this site and never been disappointed.

The 120 Color Palettes come in 5 editions with variations in each. I have the 1st edition and I love it. Bright, lasting colors. The shimmer palette comes in cool and tropical, I have the cool. It is very blendable and also very long lasting. I have the Earth, Blossom and Candy lip liners. I find them all to be very smooth and blendable and they are all very easy to sharpen which is a serious plus!

I will say that the $15/pair Urban Decay lashes are nicer than these $5/pair lashes from BH, but they are not 3 x nicer! I like the Come Hither lashes from Urban Decay for something a little snazzier than everyday, but not crazy fancy. I have found that BH’s China Doll lashes are very similar. I’d also compare Urban Decay’s Instaflare, Darlin’ and Babydoll to BH’s Foxy, Flare and Sassy – in that order. Using BH is a little safer for daily wear in case you get glitter on them that wont come off or you’re not as gentle as you think you are and bend them. Or you know, when you have a late night and fall asleep with your full face on. Whoops!

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