Monogrammed Cups


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Making something cute and meaningful can be tricky when your recipients aren’t as into DIY as you are, or when you’re giving to a couple and don’t have time to knit an afghan. These cups though? They’re adorable and useful too! Even people who aren’t down with crafts are down with useful!

A few months after we gifted these, we surprised them for coffee and holla these cups were in use! If you’re hoping the cups get used on the regular, make sure you choose nice, big coffee mugs (unless of course you know they are more into tiny little capp cups, in which case, get some of those instead).

Monogrammed Cups

Monogrammed Cups via Design Mom

Plain white mugs
Graphite paper
Dishwasher-safe paint

Monogrammed Cups
Monogrammed Cups
Cut out the design and tape it, over top of the graphite paper to the cup and write over top of it with a pen or pencil.
Monogrammed Cups
Monogrammed Cups
Take the paper off and using a fine tip paint brush, paint over the image you traced. Then bake them for 30 minutes at 300F.
Monogrammed Cups
Aren’t they cute?!? They’re dishwasher (and wear and tear) safe!
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