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I was just going to jump back into blogging and totally gloss over the fact that I haven’t posted anything in 10 months, but since this blog is a little different I’ll make a quick intro post first.

My last blog was mostly crafty, a tiny bit personal and lived on WordPress. This blog uses WordPress software, but is hosted on my new domain. Yes, I am so very domestic it’s true! I take far too many photos of my crafting and my baking and my kids and my friends and life in general, though I will likely only be posting photos of my crafting, baking and friends here.

I’m starting this up again mainly because I want to keep track of my progress in different crafts and to have a record of all the neat stuff I make. Mostly I love to knit, but I also like to play with cross stitch, embroidery, paper crafts, sewing, jewelry of all kinds and random things like lipgloss and modeling clay. Sometimes I’ll do some ‘extreme crafting’ like recovering chairs and tables, or my sister and I will make a fabulous mess with glitter. This year I’m making an effort to make something from scratch for every occasion, and with baby #3 ready to arrive any time now I’m sure it’ll be a challenge!

I used to run a website about celebrating independent culture and the DIY spirit, where I’d interview all sorts of interesting folks and then write about them. I want to keep a piece of that alive here with wee sections for interviews and book reviews. I just finished Handmade Nation, A Year of Mornings and I’ve been knitting my way through 101 Designer One Skein Wonders, there are a handful of errors in those patterns, but they are all super cute and most of them are really quick to knit up.

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