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So instead of posting this afternoon, I decided to make a few changes to the site ‘first’ and got caught up, as usual.

There is still a little more to do, mostly cleaning up colour issues (like the unsightly light pink on hot pink mess over there <----) and a few broken images in the sidebar all of which will be fixed tomorrow, but overall I'm a little in love with it. Thoughts on the font? Adoring love for my social media coffee cup icons? They're amazing, right? I'm so modest sometimes I don't know how you stand it! Ha! Anyhoo, as my Dad has always said ‘Nothing comes as early as the dawn’, and unfortch, tomorrow is an early morning for us.

So much is in store for the site this year!!

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BH Cosmetics Purple Eyes


Oh, BH Cosmetics, how I love you so!! My delicious husband bought me a serious BH collection for my birthday in October and I could not possibly be happier with the eye shadow selection I have now. Like woah, a la Joey Lawrence. This face was done with just four colours from one of two trays in the 120 Color Palette 1st Edition!

BH Cosmetics Purple Eyes

I started with the bright purple crease colour and smudged it up to almost the brow bone, then I added the matte purple on the lid and then I blended out the crease colour with the white for the brow bone. When I was done I added the sparkly lid colour over the matte purple I already had there.

BH Cosmetics Purple Eyes

When the shadow was done, I went with a Urban Decay black liner and BH lashes in Foxy! I also used Tarte cheek stain cream blush and super sheer pink gloss from Too Faced. The combinations with this BH palette are as close to limitless as I’ve ever gotten so I am beyond excited about this!

BH Cosmetics Purple Eyes

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