Peas & Thank You’s ‘Cheesecake’ Dip

Vegans, or I guess I specifically mean vegan cookbook writers (or vegan recipe thinker uppers in general) are pretty magical. How can a diet that is free of cheese hand you cheesecake, or even ‘cheesecake’? Even low fat cheesecake that’s made from actual cream cheese tastes like crap most of the time, so how does… Continue reading Peas & Thank You’s ‘Cheesecake’ Dip

Vegan Chocolate Oatmeal Tart

Today, I’m linking up with Kate Says Stuff‘s Thankful Thursday, The How To Mommy‘s Tasty Thursdays, Obviously Marvelous‘ Thirsty Thursdays and Saved By Love Creations‘ Thrifty Thursday. In the spirit of Thankful Thursdays, I am so very thankful to be here in Los Angeles. I’m thankful that all five of us are healthy, I’m thankful… Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Oatmeal Tart

Peas and Thank You’s Double Chocolate / Single Chin Brownies

Isn’t that a cute name? Double Chocolate / Single Chin?! I recently made these for a friend that isn’t big on brownies and he loved them. So I know that I posted a Peas and Thank You treat yesterday and refused to give you the recipe, and I’m doing it again. BUT I also posted… Continue reading Peas and Thank You’s Double Chocolate / Single Chin Brownies

Raw Brownie Bites

These brownies are raw, vegan and pretty good for you! Since they’re packed with nuts (heh) they’re about 170 calories each, not including whatever fruit you top them with (though at their size, it’s not like you can top it with much). More importantly though, are these notable vitamin counts (these percentages are for each… Continue reading Raw Brownie Bites

Peas and Thank You’s Anytime Cookies

These cookies don’t mess around. They’re a pretty quick fix when you’re craving a cookie, but they’re impossibly soft and chewy too so you actually put an end to that craving! It helps ease my conscious that they’re vegan of course but also that instead of just being dairy free, they’ve got a dose of… Continue reading Peas and Thank You’s Anytime Cookies

Cauliflower Crust (Vegan) Pizza

Today, I’m linking up with Tasty Tuesday at 33 Shades of Green, Flock Together Tuesday at Mom’s Best Nest and Inspiration Linky #12 at Teagan’s Travels. Hooray for making local friends turned local babysitters! Last night my husband and I went on our first official LA date and man it was fun. I mean, anytime… Continue reading Cauliflower Crust (Vegan) Pizza

California is so Distracting!

I know I’m not going to get any sympathy for this but man it’s hard to stay on a productive routine down here. The weather is so lovely and if it isn’t the beach calling my name it’s the pool – or it’s the kids wanting to check out one of the eleventy billion neat… Continue reading California is so Distracting!

Vegan Fudge

I had been trying my hand at vegan baking for a few month when we made a friend with a pretty severe milk allergy. 2/5 of us are lactose intolerant so we are no really that big on milk anyway, but I have always left dairy in the recipes I use and it never seems… Continue reading Vegan Fudge

Peas & Thank You’s Fabulous French Toast

Don’t forget about our giveaway with Keeley Behling Studios! Like the Keeley Behling Studios Facebook page and leave a comment there about something in her Etsy shop to enter. It wouldn’t hurt if you liked the So Very Domestic Facebook page too. 😉 This is the 8th recipe from Peas and Thank You and again,… Continue reading Peas & Thank You’s Fabulous French Toast