It’s All About the Yarn Wreath

I am excited about Christmas, but with only trace amounts of snow in Toronto (so far) I’m sort of forcing it. The best way to get in the spirit (aside from unhealthy amounts of Bailey’s in my coffee) is through decorations and baking, right? So I have been trolling the internet (no really?) looking for… Continue reading It’s All About the Yarn Wreath

Summer Roadtrip and Smores Pie

It is hysterically late to be writing this post now, but I made some fun treats worth talking about, and my Smore Pie is very photogenic. But we have to back up to a few treats before we went on a road trip to visit the husband machine’s family. The last pie I made for… Continue reading Summer Roadtrip and Smores Pie

Smell You Later (with pie!)

One of my best and oldest friends has left the country – again. The first time she left was for England, then she came back for a few years and now she’s trying Australia on for size. I knew she’d love Australia, and though her Visa is only good for a year I wanted to… Continue reading Smell You Later (with pie!)

Window Shopping Wednesday, Part 1

When I finally plunked down to decide on the cotton for our diapers, I headed first to Etsy, and then to eBay where I found Tonic Living, the shop where I picked up all of the cotton flannel I used for the diapers. Along the way I came across so many cute crafty things I… Continue reading Window Shopping Wednesday, Part 1

Pies, Socks and Scones (in that order)

At the end of 2008, I declared 2009 ‘Pie Year’, for a dear friend who would choose pie over cake or ice cream or brownies – every time. Most of the pies I’ve made this year have been adored by everyone who ate them, with a few exceptions but generally if one person didn’t like… Continue reading Pies, Socks and Scones (in that order)

Three Pies and Piri Piri

So much has happened this summer, I can’t post about it all at once, so I’ll break it into multiple posts. We’ll start with this incredible Coconut Cream Pie I put together. The inspiration came from this Martha Stewart version, but I didn’t want to use meringue on top, and the cream of coconut (while… Continue reading Three Pies and Piri Piri