So instead of posting this afternoon, I decided to make a few changes to the site ‘first’ and got caught up, as usual. There is still a little more to do, mostly cleaning up colour issues (like the unsightly light pink on hot pink mess over there

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Resolutions?! Ok, Here We Go…

Just a few days ago, I proclaimed to one of my best friends that I will not be making resolutions this year. Actually, it went more like this. May: Did you see my new boots on Facebook? Talea: I did, way to upload pics right away. May: I know, right?! That’s my only resolution. Talea:… Continue reading Resolutions?! Ok, Here We Go…

A Typical Day….because you asked.

For what it’s worth (and because I’ve been asked), this is my basic schedule since we moved about 6 weeks ago. I’ve included the other stuff too, just to give you an idea of how I work around everything else. Our mornings are prepped the night before, (because as I’m sure you know, chopping celery… Continue reading A Typical Day….because you asked.

Window Shopping Wednesday, Part 6

Living out in the middle of nowhere has made me more grateful for my friends than ever before. Some of them I’d see literally every weekend, some even more often than that (hi Gill!) and some friends about once a month. Now that I’ve moved a couple of hours away and some of those friends… Continue reading Window Shopping Wednesday, Part 6

The Carputer

When I refer to myself as nerdy, I’m not sure I can possibly convey to you just what kind of nerdy I qualify as, and exactly how nerdy I am capable of being. Everything I know about computers I learned from my husband, actually I knew how to use the PINE email program at the… Continue reading The Carputer

50 Things!

In the spirit of new blog friends, and good friends starting new blogs, I’m posting a rando ’50 Things’ list of stuff about me that isn’t too obvious. Consider it the intro I never wrote. I’d love to read your 50 things! 1. I got married when I was 19 and my husband was 21,… Continue reading 50 Things!