Parade of Finished Objects ’08 Edition

Before I get into showing off some neat stuff I made, I have to show off a couple of neat things my dear friends made and gave to me. Talea made me a knitted apron. This is exactly the kind of kitsch I adore the most, and since picking up stitches is the bane of… Continue reading Parade of Finished Objects ’08 Edition

Christmas Cookie Exchange ’08!

This year’s cookie exchange was full of Christmas cheer and a decent mix of ethnic, traditional and weird cookies – it also came with a head over heels surprise. First, the cookies! I made melomakaronia, a traditional Greek Christmas cookie, the usual sugar cookies and what Good Housekeeping refers to as ‘window pane cookies’. The… Continue reading Christmas Cookie Exchange ’08!

A Wee Intro

I was just going to jump back into blogging and totally gloss over the fact that I haven’t posted anything in 10 months, but since this blog is a little different I’ll make a quick intro post first. My last blog was mostly crafty, a tiny bit personal and lived on WordPress. This blog uses… Continue reading A Wee Intro