Summer Fun with a Bubble Machine!

Full disclosure, I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

There is nothing quite like kids and bubbles, especially kids and bubbles in the summertime! We spend most summer afternoons by our pool, so with swimsuits on, I surprised the girls with a bubble machine! We’ve been through several bubble machines over the years and this is by far, my favorite.

I love that there are two speed settings, so I can leave it on low and let it go in the backyard while we play or have a barbecue or whatever. The high setting is fun too, especially when outside playing around because it produces a lot more bubbles but is not too noisy.

It’s white, and sleek and blends in with pretty much any area. I use it by the pool and in the backyard most often, but I also use it inside! This machine operates on either battery power or with an AC plug that comes with it. I use the plug in option when we use it inside or by the backyard patio. I unplug it and use it on battery power when we take it out with us. Usually to the pool, but we take it to friend’s houses and the park as well!

In the past, with other bubble machines, the motors have been too loud or the bubbles do not come out fast enough for it to be fun. This bubble machine is great because the motor is quiet and you can choose the speed setting for the bubbles.

I got mine from Amazon here – 1byone Bubble Machine.

You can also sign up to their super user program for rewards here –

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