Pigtail Flippers for Grilling – (and other unexpected uses)!

Full disclosure, these pigtail flippers were sent to me by Cave Tools, but my opinions are all 100% authentic.

If you follow me on Instagram, and if you don’t you probably should (I’m here), you’ll know that we are all about grilling all summer long. Living in Southern California, we are grilling at least twice a week, year round, but once summer officially hits, we are grilling more often than not!

So when I had the opportunity to try out these pigtail flippers from Cave Tools, I was really excited about them. They come in a set a two, one 12″ and one 18″, at first I wasn’t sure what I would use the different sizes for, but once we began experimenting we realized just how handy having a long and short handle was!

Naturally, my first test run of them was to use them to flip steaks on the grill. Not surprisingly, they worked very well. I loved that they pierced the steak just enough to give it a flip and not enough for all the juices to come pouring out. I used the 18″ flipper for this and we used it many times with steak, pork chops and chicken breasts.


Here’s a little video of the steak flipping in action.

I honestly thought these pigtails flippers were just great at that one thing and they would live with all our other grilling utensils. Then one day, someone put them back in the wrong drawer, one of the drawers close to the stove. I was making some turkey bacon one morning and I opened the drawer to get out the tongs when I saw the 12″ pigtail flipper in there, and thought I’d use that instead! Perfect! Now, the 12″ flipper has become the bacon flipper and it lives in the drawer by the stove.

I started looking for other ways to use the smaller, now indoor flipper. We do Greek chicken souvlaki fairly often and it’s always kind of a pain to flip the skewers. We often do them on the grill, but I also cook them in the oven from time to time and one day while cooking them inside, I was looking for one of the smaller oven mitts so I could get a grip on the skewer when I saw the 12″ flipper in the drawer. Guess what? The small flipper is excellent at hooking and flipping the skewers! Next time you make kebobs, think about using one of these!

So what started out as a grilling tool for flipping meat, which honestly is useful enough on it’s own in just that way, I discovered it was also a great bacon flipper and skewer flipper! The 18″ flipper is kept with out grilling supplies because it is so nice and long you’re not going to burn yourself. The 12″ flipper is kept in the kitchen with other kitchen utensils and I recently used it for the funniest thing, I have to share. I was baking cookies, and I have these beautiful silicone mats that fit perfectly on my baking trays, but they fit so perfectly it’s hard to get the mat off the tray, especially when it’s hot and I want to move it to the cooling rack so I can put the next mat on the tray and put it back in the oven. I usually just fight with the mat and a wooden spoon or maybe a spatula but I had one of those ‘I wonder…’ moments, pulled out the 12″ flipper and now it has yet another use! Baking sheet lifter! Haha.

These pigtail flippers are very, very useful, both while grilling and inside! I’m sure there are many more uses I will stumble onto as long as I keep them handy!

You can pick up a set for yourself for $19.99 on Amazon or through the Cave Tools website and save 15 with the code PIGTAIL 15

Happy grilling!!

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