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I’m posting a new mama style video on my YouTube channel this week, about styling accessories in the summer, you can watch it here So Very Domestic on YouTube. In it, I’ll show you a few of my favorite summer pieces and why I love them. Now, I want to focus on styling the Jord watch I’ll showed in the video, since there really are so many ways to wear it. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, let me just show you how mine arrived. First of all, it’s beautiful, let’s just get that out of the way. It comes in this gorgeous wooden box with a little drawer for your band extender pieces, your wood oil and your cleaning cloth. I have teamed up with them to bring you a fun little contest and I am very excited to host this, so one of you will get $100 off your own Jord watch, and everyone who enters will get a 10% discount code! Pop over to to enter!

5 Ways to Style a Jord Wood Watch

1. Casual with a playful stack.

This is the way I wear mine when I am wearing it out with the kids. I really like that it can be dressed down and look playfully casual, especially when I am out with the kids and not trying to look overdressed! I will wear this combo with pretty much any casual outfit, most often my sundresses.

2. Elevate it with a chunky bracelet on the opposite wrist!

Another fun way to wear it is almost alone, but not quite. I will wear it like this when I am out to dinner with my husband and his colleagues. It elevates the style just a little, without being too much. Since my usual ‘dinner with grown ups’ outfit is a cute black dress of some kind, that’s what this look is paired with.

3. Low-key matchy with other natural materials.

This is my go-to way to style this watch. I just love the way the wood looks with the leather wrap bracelet and the wax coated string braid. With me, this is almost always styled with a maxi dress. Pretty much effortless and I look like I put in way more effort than I really did.

4. Mix it up with different metals.

I’m partial to gold and gold-tone jewelry, so one way I mix it up is to wear my watch with a mixed-metal bracelet. I like this one, because it has gold in it, but also some copper and a pop of color too. I would wear this with a mostly black outfit so the color stands out.

5. Alone!

Some days call for a plain tank and a some cut off jeans shorts, and that’s the perfect kind of casual to wear your wooden watch on it’s own. The uniqueness and clean lines in these wood watches are perfect to wear alone.

It’s summer in Southern California and I’m living in top knots and tank tops! I have always used accessories like chunky earrings, bracelet stacks and playful rings to pull my look together. Discovering these wooden watches adds a new element to my wardrobe and I’m loving it. I am especially partial to this one, the Cassia in walnut & vintage rose, but honestly, there are so many options to fit everyone’s individual style.

Don’t forget to go to to enter!

Wooden Wrist Watch

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