Dahlicious Creamery Rolled Ice Cream

We found this gem the way we find most of our favorite places, entirely by accident because I was looking for a sweet treat to surprise my kiddos. I had no idea it was about to become a family favorite, or that we’d be going back again and again with friends to introduce everyone to this sweet little spot.

Up to this point in my life, I’d never actually seen rolled ice cream in person. I have come across videos of it on Instagram of course, but Dahlicious Creamery was my introduction to this really neat method and presentation. Currently, there are 14 different types of rolled ice cream on the menu – and they make ice cream sandwiches to order from options that make endless combinations. You can choose from 8 different cookie options and even mix and match the top and bottom! With 16 ice cream options and 17 topping options, something tells me this is going to be the summer of the ice cream sammie for my kids!

Why So Salty (caramel ice cream, pretzels and sea salt – Daphne requested gummy worms as well) and Milk and Cookies (vanilla ice cream with a cookie, we added the whipped cream and sprinkles)

You also always have the option of ordering edible cookie dough ($4), single cookies ($1), churro buns ($2), and individual scoops of ice cream ($3.50 for 1, $4.50 for 2 and $5.50 for 3) and you can choose a waffle cone (75 cents)!

Galaxy Far, Far Away (cookie batter ice cream, rainbow sprinkles and pop rocks), Cookie Monster (blue vanilla ice cream, Oreos, cookie crisp cereal and chocolate syrup), and a single scoop of coffee ice cream.

The real star here for me is the rolled ice cream. I love the presentation, the production of it all, and the flavor combos they have come up with as their standard options have all been winners so far. Honestly, for all the flavor combinations and the extra toppings, I think they are priced well. The small is $4.99, the medium is $5.75 and the large is $6.75 and really, the small is big enough most of the time!

Obsessive Cookie Disorder (vanilla ice cream with cookie butter cookies) and Matcha Made in Heaven (matcha ice cream, mochi and a fortune cookie)

Dahlicious Creamery participates in the Five Stars customer loyalty program and I’ve already earned myself 50% off a single item, a free extra scoop and a free cookie – and I’ve only gone there three times!

Pictures of how cool these rolled ice creams are once they’re finished are pretty and all, but the real magic is in watching them pull it all together! I made a few fast-paced videos of our favorites to show you how neat it is! I highly recommend you pop in and check them out, they’re at 4172 Pacific Coast Hwy in Torrance, seasonal hours are 2pm-10pm Mondays through Thursdays. They open at noon on Saturdays and Sundays (closing at 11pm on Saturdays and 10pm on Sundays).

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