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I drink tea when I knit and coffee when I do everything else.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day!
Day 1 - Skirt Steak w/ Chimichurri
Day 2 - Top Sirloin w/ Homemade Rub
Day 3 -
Rib Eye w/ Herbed Butter
Day 4 - Rosemary Chicken
Day 5 - Top Sirloin Gyros
Day 6 - Kansas City Style Pork Chops
Day 7 - Steak and Mushroom Kebabs
Day 8 - Dad's Hamurgers, 2.0
Day 9 - Top Sirloin w/ Mushrooms
Day 10 - Kid's Lunch
Day 11 - Chicken Souvlaki
Day 12 - S'mores Cones
Day 13 - Short Ribs

Kitchen & Sewing Skills!
Intro - Syllabus
Lesson 1 - Running & Whipstitch
Lesson 2 - Cookies

Day 3 of 100 Days of Barbecue – Rib Eye with Herbed Butter

California, Domestic

I didn’t fire up the grill on day 3 until almost 9pm because time flies at my bestie’s house. ;)

We didn’t let that get in the way of the 100 Days of Barbecue though! I had already been marinating the steaks all day, so they were ready to go when the kids and I got home. The time of night and our backyard lights made for some pretty pictures!

The marinade itself was very basic, but I figured since there was so much going on with the herbed butter, I didn’t want to complicate it too much. I used a base of canola oil, cracked black and pink peppercorns and a sprinkle of yesterday’s homemade rub. Important note, I did not rub this into the rib eyes, I literally just sprinkled it on top. There is a serious difference when it comes to flavor, so don’t rub it in!


Just like with all steaks, how long you grill it is 100% your personal preference. I left these on for a full 20 minutes, because that’s what my family requested and while they were a little more done than I’d normally aim for, there were still some pink pieces and it wasn’t tough at all.


The real star of this dinner is the herbed butter. I can’t give a recipe for it with any authority because it’s just butter and whatever herbs you love. I used a lot of rosemary, thyme and basil. You can either use a spatula to mush the herbs into your butter or you can melt the butter and add the herbed to the melted butter. To finish the steak off, you have two options. You can either finish cooking the steak in a pool of the butter in a cast iron skillet on the grill OR you can just pour the melted butter over the steak at the table. I opted for the second choice because no one else was interested in the butter on their steak so it wasn’t really practical for me to do that. It was fantastic, but I bet it would be even better cooked in the butter.

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