Blogging since 2009, I'm a 1950s housewife to the bone and I love to share what I've learned with others. I'm a lifelong foodie, raised with Sunday dinners at my grandmother's and daily scratch cooking in my childhood kitchen. I'm a nerdy homeschooling mama of 3, and a wife of 17 years.

I drink tea when I knit and coffee when I do everything else.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day!
Day 1 - Skirt Steak w/ Chimichurri
Day 2 - Top Sirloin w/ Homemade Rub
Day 3 -
Rib Eye w/ Herbed Butter
Day 4 - Rosemary Chicken
Day 5 - Top Sirloin Gyros
Day 6 - Kansas City Style Pork Chops
Day 7 - Steak and Mushroom Kebabs
Day 8 - Dad's Hamurgers, 2.0
Day 9 - Top Sirloin w/ Mushrooms
Day 10 - Kid's Lunch
Day 11 - Chicken Souvlaki
Day 12 - S'mores Cones
Day 13 - Short Ribs

Kitchen & Sewing Skills!
Intro - Syllabus
Lesson 1 - Running & Whipstitch
Lesson 2 - Cookies

A Little Honesty For You

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I know that in a lot of ways being real and being transparent are qualities that are celebrated and even encouraged on blogs like mine but since I’ve always viewed this blog as a teaching blog, it has never really occurred to me to write a post about the other side of things. I wrote recipes or tutorials, basically. I did do a series on marriage many, many years ago that was pretty personal, and another one on making the home a welcoming place that was a little less involving but still more than a knitting pattern. I haven’t taken them down, but I haven’t linked to them in years.

A lot has changed in my life and in my family in the 8 years since I started this blog, and since then there have always been times of ongoing activity and times of extended silence. During those times of silence I wasn’t posting because there was just too much going on for me to find the time to do whatever it was I wanted to do so I could take pictures and blog about it. The reality is, I was doing all kinds of things in those times of silence, lots of things I could have blogged about but at the time I just didn’t see them as ‘blog worthy’. It seems so silly in retrospect, especially in how far I have come in communication with you guys! Instagram especially has allowed more people to reach out to me than ever did in my comments section on this blog, and this communication has really opened my eyes to how oddly uptight I am in what I post. There have been some comments and messages I’ve received in the last couple of months that really make me feel like I should be posting more of our daily stuff. There are so many Instagram posts that should just be their own blog post. A single picture or maybe two with a recipe, done! I’m learning not everything has to be a song and dance. Most of the time when I post a homeschool picture on Instagram or Facebook, I am asked about what materials we need or what we’re doing etc, all easily answered in a simple post, right? Right. So why am I just realizing this now?

Picture my life, really. There are things you know because they’re obvious about me, like having three kids and homeschooling, for example. If you’ve been around for a while, you also know that I menu plan every week and that I am a big fan of scratch cooking and baking, and you also probably know that I run a pretty tight ship when it comes to keeping the house clean. You know I love to knit, but you maybe don’t know that I regularly stay up until the wee hours of the morning knitting beside my husband on the couch while he works away on his laptop. I often pay for those late nights though, because the morning? She comes early. I still have to get up and get my husband out the door, wake the kids, feed them and get school happening for the day. Even if we end up starting late (especially if we start late) I have to get dinner happening early in the afternoon so it’s ready when school is over and that late afternoon/evening part of day rolls around. Then you know, baths and story time and cleaning and prep for the next day and a shower for myself and some down time with my husband.

It’s a lot. There are other things I find time to do, but don’t post about much or even at all because I can’t post about them with the regularity I wish I had time for. For example, I work out four times a week, and I pretty much never talk about it. Why? Well, most of my friends who work out, do so six days a week and I feel like a major slacker for not finding the time to do two more days. Even as I type this I realize how ridiculous it is, that if I can’t find time to do something two additional days a week, I should just ignore that I do it at all? Silly. So in that spirit, I’m just going to relax a bit about the rules I’ve made up for myself about this blog. I’m going to let myself post the ‘other’ stuff that happens around here that, in my mind, wasn’t blog worthy. I’m also going to let myself post a recipe with a single picture sometimes and maybe, maybe I’ll even post some failures!

Usually, at the beginning of a year, I choose a cookbook to cook through that year. Though really, I haven’t actually done this in a few years. It took me aaaages to choose a book, I wrestled between The Cook’s Book (because I love technique), Salt Lake City Chef’s Table (because I live in Salt Lake City), Oh She Glows (because sometimes I eat gluten free vegan), and Brunch at Bobby’s (because I am madly in love with everything Bobby Flay does). I have been so indecisive about it, for just a minute while on vacation in January, I decided on doing both Oh She Glows and Salt Lake City Chef’s Table. Then I started planning it out and changed my mind again. This moment, I’m leaning towards Bobby Flay.

I have been choosing a baking theme every year since 2009. Last year wasn’t my most successful year, I only baked 46 different kinds of cookies when I was aiming for at least 52. However, it was my most fun! The kids really enjoyed baking cookies with me, they’re super portable so I was bringing cookies to meetups and friend’s houses. Pretty much everyone likes cookies. So this year, I’m not changing the theme, I’m doing cookies again!

One of my old blogging rules was to not post rambles like this, but in the interest of full disclosure, it stays. Stay tuned for randomness!

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