February Homeschool Giveaway The Story of the World

We were out in California for three weeks, the plan was two weeks but that turned into three weeks and as fun as extended vacations are, and as much as I love and miss living in California, I am happy to be back home and back to routine. I’m also really excited to announce my giveaway for this month!

This month I am giving away a set of homeschooling books that my kids love and I think yours will too! They are from a popular series, The Story of the World and I’m giving away volumes 1 & 2! Volume 1 is Ancient Times and Volume 2 is The Middle Ages. I will post more about these workbooks and textbooks, but first here are the details for entering the giveaway.

Entering is easy! Just follow, like, share or comment on any of my social media posts (every action counts as an entry) and tag a friend to join as well. This giveaway is open until the end of the month, Tuesday Feb 28!

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Good luck! Here are some more images from the Story of the World books. I really love them because you can casually read the textbooks as bedtime stories and go over the workbooks during morning basket time or usual history time. This books are the history curriculum suggested in the classical education guide, The Well Trained Mind. Even if you are not using the classical education approach to your homeschooling, it is a wonderful curriculum.

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