My Nature Trackers (and sun prints)

Between Wild Kratts and Dinosaur Train, I’m sure there are millions of kids out there calling themselves nature trackers and I love it so much. My girls have really gotten into it with bugs and gardening and sea life at the aquariums and the beaches and lately, anywhere they can. It’s a great supplement to homeschooling as well, because they are learning so much about the world around them while having fun with each other and their friends!

They are both into watching You Tube videos made by kids their ages and they really wanted to make some of their own. My bestie was inspired by their nature tracker flag on their playhouse and suggested they start a channel about that and off they ran with that idea.


Last week, we went to Wilderness Park where we did a scavenger hunt and made prints with UV reactive paper. First you lay the paper down and quickly place your objects on top of it. If they are flat, you lay a sheet on plastic on top, and wait a few minutes. The paper is originally a dark blue and after just a few minutes the paper is a very light blue. You remove the objects and wet the paper to stop the reaction and then let it dry. Once it’s dry, it returns to it’s original color. So fun! We saw some plants and flowers we had never see before, a turtle we had never seen before either and the most pine cones I have seen since we left Canada. So so neat!

We are aiming for weekly installments of these videos and their second one is already underway.

The girls would love to share their adventures with you, and while my oldest is often absent from the videos he is usually behind the camera and he’s the one editing the videos!

Nature Trackers on You Tube

Nature Trackers on Instagram

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Wilderness Park.

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