Condensed Milk Painting

Painting with condensed milk is a fun and weird way to mix up kid’s art afternoons. The kids think it’s either really neat or really gross and honestly, either reaction is great. Something a little different than standard tempra, watercolor or acrylic paints.

We used a whole can of sweetened condensed milk and food coloring to make the colors. My girls couldn’t get over it being edible, every few minutes they’d ask ‘so I can just eat this?!’, and I’d reply, ‘yes, but don’t!’, since they were mixed in an old egg carton with brushes we use for painting all the time! The purple and red were not bright enough according to my littles, so I added a little dab of tempra paint to brighten them up. Defo not edible now!

The paint is a little goopey, and when it hits the paper it feels weird to make the brush stokes because it is thicker than paint. This is a fun experience for the kids (I thought it was really cool too) and the resulting art is different than it would be if it had the same consistency as paint. They got really into it as a sensory exercise too, and then got down to painting.

The neatest thing about painting with condensed milk is once it’s dry (this large masterpiece took two days to dry completely), it is so beautifully shiny! Shiny as if you’ve coated it in Mod Podge or sprayed it with a clear coat. It hangs in our hallway and is the shiniest piece there!

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