WIP Wednesday Beekeeper Quilt Edition

It’s Work in Progress Wednesday!!

I started this project in the fall of 2011 and it still is not finished. I have knit several pairs of socks, a baby blanket, American Girl doll clothes, baby booties and a scarf or two since then, but I have not finished this blanket. It is meant to be made from scraps of sock yarn, so my plan was to knit socks and then knit up some puffs with the leftover yarn and eventually I’d have enough puffs for this quilt. Man, it is sloooooow going on this thing. For the knitting olympics in 2012 I made 100 of them and last summer I just decided to try to make the blanket with the puffs that I had – about 500.

I started piecing it together and I love how the different yarns look together. I have an issue with bunching in a few places because the blanket was not flat as I was sewing it together. Whoops. I can’t decide if I like the charm of how wonky it looks or if it needs to be fixed! This is going to be my main project this week and hopefully there is a whole lot more blanket seven days from now.

My major concern here is that I will have to knit more puffs and if I do, then I will need to knit them from tones of different yarn so it’s not mixed up in the middle and uniform on the edges. See the piles of puffs yet to be added to the blanket? Fingers crossed that’s enough.

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